2024 Best Sterling Silver Flatware Sets

This year, whether you want to expand your current sterling silverware collection or you’re starting from scratch, we want to provide you with top-tier recommendations from brands that define the luxury flatware space. 

Right now, you can check out top sterling silverware sets from leading brands like Gorham, Towle, and Wallace at the Silver Superstore website. We’ll highlight some of our top selections from each brand below. 

Gorham Fairfax Sterling Silverware

The Fairfax Sterling Silverware pattern from Gorham was first introduced in 1910, bringing with it over a century of tradition and cherished memories. The design was originally created by the silver company Durgin but is now considered one of Gorham’s flagship patterns. 

With a simple yet elegant design and shiny mirror finish, this is a wonderful pattern whether you’re an avid collector or looking for something to use in your everyday life. Plus, the variety of pieces available in the Fairfax pattern – like butter spreaders, fish forks, steak carving knives, pasta servers, and more – make it a great choice for any occasion. 

Towle King Richard Sterling Silverware

For over 90 years, the Towle King Richard Sterling Silverware has been making a statement on dining tables around the world. This regal pattern is bold and eye-catching, and will certainly be a conversation starter any time you’re entertaining guests. The design on the handle is prominently carved in silver, leaving no detail spared. 

There are dozens of items available in the Towle King Richard pattern, making it a wonderful choice if you’re looking to start your own collection. This includes the lasagna server, tomato server, and others. There is even a 2-piece wedding cake set in this pattern, so it would be a remarkable gift for any new bride this year. 

Wallace French Regency Sterling Silverware

The Wallace French Regency Sterling Silverware pattern has been a favorite for decades and is made right here in the United States. Since it was originally introduced in 1986, this silverware set has become one of the best-selling patterns from Wallace. It’s even been touted that it is a favorite among brides when creating their registries. 

The sweeping lines, variety of pieces available, and chic feel of this pattern will never go out of style, making it one of our favorites for 2024. 

Gorham Buttercup Sterling Silverware

A truly stunning piece of craftsmanship, the Gorham Buttercup Sterling Silverware is a classic design that has been a customer favorite for over one hundred years–ever since it was introduced in 1899!

The Buttercup pattern clearly stands out from even the most ornate silverware designs, recognized by its intricately carved handles adorned with delicate flowers. Not to mention, it has a stunning matte finish that gives it a sophisticated feel. Overall, the elegant style of this pattern gives off a feminine touch that is best reserved for special occasions.

Towle Queen Elizabeth I Sterling Silverware

Towle has another impressive collection with the Queen Elizabeth I Sterling Silverware pattern, which was first introduced in 1970. This pattern has maintained its appeal over the years given its stylish design that has stood the test of time. Full of personality and character, the Queen Elizabeth I pattern is perfect both for everyday use as well as for formal occasions. 

Wallace Venezia Sterling Silverware

Another stunning pattern from Wallace, the Venezia Sterling Silverware pattern is part of the brand’s Italian Collection which was inspired by traditional European continental-sized flatware. As such, each piece in this pattern has a heavier-than-standard weight, giving you a truly luxurious dining experience. The subtle yet intentional design of the handle features scrolled leaves and a scalloped end, with each piece feeling exceptional in your hand.