3 Ideas for Silver Baby Engraving Gifts

Gifting a growing family a precious silver keepsake for their new baby is something that anyone will enjoy. But, something that makes the gift even more personal and charming is engraving the silver item with their name, birth date, or initials. 

At Silver Superstore, you can personalize any baby gift with engraving to make this special gift even more meaningful. With a gift so personal and touching, they will be sure to hold on to the treasured item for years to come. 

So no matter what kind of silver gift you have in mind to help welcome the new baby into this world, consider some of the following engraving ideas to make your gift truly one of a kind. 

1. Baby’s Birthdate & Initials on Baby Rattle

Baby rattles are a timeless item that any family will appreciate when gifted. Especially when you’re gifting silver baby rattles, the classic and regal look of them pairs well with the sensory experience that babies can enjoy even from a very young age. 

Silver Superstore offers a few different types of silver baby rattles for you to choose from, with many of them being engravable. 

When you choose one of our barbell baby rattles, like the Cunill Plain Barbell Rattle in sterling silver, you can engrave the item on either side of the barbell or on the handle directly. 

There are a few different ways you can personalize this baby rattle, but one great idea is to engrave the baby’s birthdate on one end of the barbell rattle and their initials on the other side. 

The baby will be able to use this rattle in no time, but this also gives them a heartfelt keepsake that they can hold onto long after infancy. 

2. Baby’s Name on a Comb & Brush Set

Another stylish gift for newborns that you can engrave are brush and comb sets. This gesture will certainly be recognized by the new baby’s parents who will appreciate this stunning heirloom that was thoughtfully created for their child. 

The face of the brush offers the perfect location to engrave the baby’s name into the item, and Silver Superstore offers a number of different font styles for you to choose from. 

So in addition to being a functioning grooming set that the parents can use on their child from the day they bring them home, an engraved brush & comb set is also the perfect memento to help remember those early tender moments. 

3. Monogrammed Silver Baby Cup

Silver baby cups are a great gift for newborns. Not only will they be able to get practical use out of the cup as they grow up and graduate from baby bottles, but they can also be used as a commemorative item celebrating their birth, too!

There are a number of baby cups you can find at Silver Superstore, including options made from silver plate, stainless steel, sterling silver, and more. Each one is well-crafted and features intricate designs that give off a luxurious and elegant feel. 

Once you find the silver baby cup you’d like to gift, you can easily add engraving in the font and size of your choosing. 

One type of engraving that looks amazing on silver baby cups is the child’s initials, and you’ll notice that we offer a few different styles of monogramming for this purpose. 

With a prominently monogrammed silver baby cup, any young child will grow up with a cup that was made just for them, and offer them a lifetime keepsake that they’ll cherish forever.