3 Occasions to Commemorate with an Ornament

baby with parents opening presents at christmas

Though we know many Christmas ornaments symbolize the warmth and togetherness of the holiday season, they can also serve as a commemoration of other occasions.

Christmastime is a milestone for many that represents not just the peak of the holiday season, but the culmination of other events that took place that year.

An occasion-based Christmas ornament can make a beautiful gift or family heirloom. So without further ado, here are three great occasions that can be wonderfully commemorated with a Christmas ornament.

Our First Christmas

Whether you and the one you love have tied the knot this year or just established yourselves as life partners, it’s an event worth celebrating! Wedding & Our First Christmas Ornaments are beautiful reminders of the first Christmas you spend together as a couple.

This is an especially lovely gift for newlyweds that tie the knot during the holiday season. Have it engraved with the year to make it an ornament they look back on forever.

A timeless reminder of love, devotion, and the many Christmases you’ll spend together for years to come, it’ll be a token of your commitment and reminder of Christmas’ true meaning: love.

Our New Home

What better way to say “Happy Housewarming” than to give a Christmas ornament that permanently marks the occasion in stone — or in this case, silver!

If you know a couple that has just moved into — or purchased — their first home together, a New Home ornament is a lovely gift. You can have it engraved with their new address or the year.

A New Home ornament doesn’t even have to serve as a gift. Perhaps you’re shopping for ornaments to decorate your first Christmas tree in said home and feel one representing your new abode is the right fit. Rest assured, you’re absolutely right.

One look at your New Home ornament and you’ll feel just as cozy as you do inside the place you call your own.

Baby’s First Christmas

What better occasion to celebrate in unison with Christmas than the presence of a new life? If your little one is about to enjoy their first holiday season, you might want to mark the momentous occasion with a Baby’s First Christmas ornament.

A Baby’s First Christmas ornament also makes a great gift for new parents. You can gift it at any time of the year and watch their faces light up with proud parental memories when they finally hang it.

Your little one’s first Christmas is a significant experience: you’ll watch their faces light up at the beautiful lights and essence of Santa for the first time in their lives. Why not also watch their twinkly eyes marvel at the shine and glimmer of a beautiful Christmas ornament just for them?

No matter what milestones this holiday season represents for you, you can cherish all the major moments of your year with the help of a commemorative silver Christmas ornament.