3 Silver Decor Trends for 2021

A cozy low light living room couch with candles and silver bowl.

Are you a lover of silver? Luckily, this is a color that will never go out of style – especially not in 2021! People are increasingly turning to silver ornaments and silver decor ideas to help them style out their homes.

A cool but classy shade, silver doesn’t grab the attention as much as gold and does a better job of keeping a room low-key. It fits a ‘minimalistic’ vibe down to the ground.

Traditional silver accent pieces

Wondering how to make your interiors stand out a little more? Is your dining room missing a final touch that will make it classier than ever? It’s definitely worth checking out some of these sterling silver bowls

The great thing about a silver bowl is that it can sit pretty much anywhere in the home without looking out of place. On the dining table for fruit or potpourri? In the living room for cozy essentials? In the kitchen for keys and bags? A silver accent bowl can add a little trendy decor and functionality to any room in the house. 

Another silver accent piece you could go for is a silver candlestick. You don’t necessarily need to be a proficient candle burner to enjoy one of these – they work alone as ornaments. Your dining room table can become a much more interesting piece of furniture with a sterling silver candlestick front and center!

Pieces for your home office

Since designing attractive home office spaces has become a bit of a trend recently (thanks, COVID-19), we thought it would be a great idea to guide you towards some silver pieces that could make your working space a little nicer to be around.

In fact, before we start, it’s been shown that the ‘home office’ trend is the fourth most-posted hashtag on Instagram in 2021. So, there’s never been a better time to spice up your new working quarters!

You can spice up the contents of your work desk with a couple of sterling silver implements. Consider silver letter openers or silver business card holders as useful but attractive additions to your office. After all, most additions to your office space should probably work towards increasing your productivity level!

If you are going for something more decorative or sentimental, how about a silver keepsake box? With Silver Superstore, you can even engrave a name into the box so that it is perfect for gift-giving. If you are buying one to keep for yourself in your office, consider using it to keep precious possessions that will give you daily inspiration.

Your home office is a place of concentration and focus, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be made more stylish with some of the latest silver decor trends!

Silver wall fixtures

With colorful accent walls slowly becoming a design trend of the past, consider how sterling silver hangings could add some character to empty wall space. 

Do you have any prized photos that you want to hang on a wall? How about a silver photo frame? That certainly adds some extra fine quality over a traditional frame made of plastic or other kinds of metals.

Silver-framed mirrors are also a great option if you are looking to add some life to a wall!