5 Silver Essentials for Wedding Season

Touches of silver details are a way to bring an extra hint of glamour and beauty to any gathering, especially weddings. Ordinary wedding items like candlestick holders or knives can be transformed into iconic pieces that all your guests will be touched by. 

Cake Knife Set

One of the biggest memorable scenes of most weddings is the cutting of the first piece of cake. An ornate silver cake knife set is a special way to commemorate the moment and to have a gorgeous souvenir to always remember the joy shared that day. The metallic sheen of silver cake knives can create contrast against muted hues and potentially help make your cake stand out even further. 

Quality knife sets can be reused for the next important events for years to come, such as housewarming events, anniversaries, or baby showers. Pieces engraved with dates or initials bring an even more personalized touch.

Floral Silverware

For anyone who enjoys the old-fashioned and historical aesthetic, floral silverware can help create this look for any occasion. Choose from a wide range of stunning artistic designs like Lenox Opal Innocence, Mikasa Cocoa Blossom, or Oneida Chateau Stainless. 

The carved edges with romantic patterns and the high-quality silver material will impress your guests, both in the interior decor and while eating. 

Toasting Flutes

Toasts are a central part of most weddings. Loved ones will congratulate the couple and share affectionate words and stories that the whole room will cherish. Silver-plated toasting flutes can memorialize the moment for the wedding couple and other special members of the wedding party. 

Each time they see and use the special wedding flutes at home, they will be able to remember all the wonderful things that had been said on that special day. Each silver plate can be engraved as desired. 

Candlestick Holders

Excellent quality silver candlestick holders give a completely different effect than run-of-the-mill ones. They bring a refined aesthetic to any room and create an old-world atmosphere for weddings.

Pass down as a family heirloom after the event and reuse for further special occasions or even as beautiful home decor that will bring back treasured wedding memories. 

Picture Frames 

Weddings are designed to be remembered for a lifetime. That’s one reason why choosing an excellent photographer is one of the biggest purchases for many weddings. However, how you store the photos is just as important!

A silver picture frame can show off the greatest shot of the bride and groom with a luxurious feel. Silver will last a lifetime and can be a truly timeless add-on to any special event. 

Silver Superstore conveniently allows couples to create a registry for their desired purchases so guests can easily purchase online. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes to complete. 

Guests will appreciate knowing which items capture your eye and seeing them on display at the wedding or in your home. Your registration can even be used again for big events in the future because silver items never go out of style.