5 Unique Uses for Your Silver Revere Bowls

A beautiful silver Paul Revere Bowl filled full of delicious red strawberry's ripe for the eating

The classical elegance of the Revere Bowl was first designed back in 1768 by Paul Revere – an early American silversmith. He lived in Boston, Massachusetts, and is famed for his ‘midnight ride’ to warn military forces of the arrival of British forces. He was involved in the military around the time of the American Revolution and is well known for his political involvement. 

His Revere Bowl is also commonly known as the ‘Liberty Bowl’, as the original was engraved with the names of 15 ‘Sons of Liberty’ who approved its commission. The bowl originally celebrated the Massachusetts Assembly’s disobedience of the British Ministry and the fact that Americans were being taxed by the British without representation.

Currently residing in the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Revere Bowl has been replicated by other silversmiths and is now a much-loved ornament across the USA.

Over the years, many Americans have come to own replicas of the Revere Bowl. In the home, they are understated but beautiful pieces of silverware that offer versatility and a sense of history.

How can you use your silver Revere Bowl?

Now you are more familiar with the noble background of your Revere Bowl, how can you make sure it lives up to its name and finds a great use in your home?

Here are five ideas for using your silver Revere Bowl:

  • As a decorative centerpiece. As per the image above, your Revere Bowl could certainly be used to hold potpourri, fruit or other decorative household items. The contrast of the monotone silver bowl with its colorful contents would be a great centerpiece addition to any room in the home. You could also make this work with flowers if you add some floral foam to the base of the bowl, before adding any flowers you think are deserving of the Revere Bowl. If you have an accent table or another piece of furniture that holds a room together, this would make a great home for the bowl.
  • As a punch bowl. If you don’t mind your Revere Bowl seeing some action, you could consider making it the centerpiece of your next party when it serves as a punch bowl. Be warned though – your Revere Bowl should come with a liner if you are going to use it for this purpose. It’s a handy way of protecting the inside from liquid damage or any scratches!
  • As an accessory holder in your office. The Revere Bowl can make a lovely addition to any office space. It could store business cards as well as any other office essentials like pens, paperwork, envelopes and books. This will give a certain degree of elegance to your office space that is sure to give you plenty of motivation when you need it most.
  • As a general storage space. Everyone needs a storage space for all of those day-to-day items that can easily become lost. Think along the lines of your keys, wallet, phone charger or important mail. Instead of picking them up and placing them in the first location you find (and will later forget!), just place everything into your Revere Bowl for later. You could place it in your hallway so you have easy access to these items when entering or leaving the home.
  • As a jewelry dish. The Revere Bowl makes a great home for earrings, rings and other pieces of jewelry that you might take on and off regularly. Instead of stuffing them into a bag, display them inside your silver Revere Bowl so they have pride of place in your bedroom, bathroom or dressing area.