6 Silver Picnicking Essentials

What better way to celebrate pleasant weather than having a picnic? The charm of the scenery and relaxing time with loved ones will be a wonderful memory to cherish. While planning your next outdoor dining experience, why not turn the traditional picnic up a notch with elegant silver touches that elevate the entire experience?

Sabre Flatware

One of the most important elements of a beautiful picnic set up is flatware. Sabre flatware is an affordable silverware set that combines casual French-inspired bistro-style with classical touches. 

The Bistro Vintage Set was even chosen as one of New York Magazine’s top 53 flatware sets. Choose from handle designs like Bamboo, Baguette, and Floral for a personalized effect.

Silver Bottle Opener

Who doesn’t love a good beer or sparkling beverage with their picnic? Many people forget one of the most important items – a bottle opener! Don’t let that be you. Instead, make opening each bottle more special with a silver bottle opener. These openers combine elegance with superior functionality. 

The smooth handle is perfect for engravings. Choose from initials, sorority or fraternity insignias, or special dates. 

Stainless Steel Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

Nothing comes in handy more than a stainless steel multi-tool pocket knife. This sleek pocket knife has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. In one item, you have access to a corkscrew, nail file, saw blade, hole punch, bottle opener, can opener, screwdriver, knife blade, and retractable scissors.

That’s nine useful tools in one! Now you can pack everything you need in one compact and stylish design. Pry open jars, open bottles, and cut cheese or fruit with ease. Once your friends see this item, they may want one as a gift for themselves. 

Silver Flask

Transport your favorite beverages with a stylish silver flask. This item is made from high-quality and durable stainless steel that won’t tarnish over time. There is already so much to carry for a picnic, so why not make the trip easier? This flask easily fits into your purse or your pocket so you can enjoy hands-free transportation of any liquid of choice. 

The cap is conveniently hinged so you won’t lose it once opened. Like many of our items, you can personalize it with engraving. So why not put your alma mater or initials or even get matching ones for your friends and colleagues? 

Silver Goblets

Everyone wants a fresh drink during a picnic. One of the top ways to make your picnic stand out is with silver goblets. Unlike glass, silver won’t break or chip when dropped or dinged. 

Silver goblets also make a more eco-friendly option than typical plastic or paper cups. You won’t have to worry about picking up or leaving behind trash, and you can feel better knowing you didn’t create any waste. 

Napkin Rings

It can be frustrating when the wind blows away napkins and makes a mess of your beautiful picnic setup. A beautiful way to ameliorate this problem is with silver napkin rings. The weighted metal helps the napkins stay in place while not in use. 

The added detail makes the entire arrangement look more sophisticated and put together. At Silver Superstore you have a choice of multiple designs, shapes, and styles, so you can pull together the entire look to suit your unique tastes.