A Breakdown of our Engraving

Nothing makes a gift more personal than customized engraving. Not only does the recipient feel valued and special, but engraving adds context for future generations that come across treasures passed down in families.

Silver Superstore is proud to offer this silver engraving to our customers, and we wanted to pull back the curtain and share what goes into this process that turns any ordinary gift into an extraordinary one.

There are two techniques for enhancing gifts with a personal touch.

Diamond-drag Engraving

This most traditional of methods, also known as scratch engraving, utilizes a spindle and a diamond-tipped cutting tool. The conical diamond bit rotates if the spindle motor is activated. The motor is not required, however; a non rotating diamond bit may simply be dragged over the engraving surface to create the impression. Usually, both techniques are employed. Clamps and jigs are used to hold the engraving surface in place and prevent slippage.

When done with expertise, diamond-drag resembles hand-engraving. The width and depth of the strokes are consistent.

Thanks to modern technology, this type of engraving is faster, easier and more precise than ever. The image or text to be engraved is first entered into a computer software program. The program reads it and transmits the data to the engraving machine.

The diamond-drag method is best for coated or uncoated metals. It may also be used on glass or crystal gifts. It’s the best choice for simple text, logos or graphics.

This method has many advantages:

  • Although it’s not as versatile as laser engraving, the impression is deeper for elegant, high-end appeal.
  • Lettering and design markings are thin and uniform with strokes no wider than 0.1 millimeter.
  • It looks and feels like hand-engraving.
  • The engraving equipment absorbs vibrations to ensure quality, and the result is long-lasting.

Laser Engraving

Unlike the diamond-drag method, laser engraving is noncontact. No physical force is applied to the engraving surface.

Instead, highly concentrated light beams remove glass, crystal, stone, tile, wood, plated metals or other materials to create the engravings. In the case of metals, a marking compound combined with the heat of the laser leaves a permanent mark.

There are several benefits to laser engraving:

  • It is suitable for a wider variety of materials than diamond-drag engraving.
  • It’s ideal for graphics or photographs on raster, bitmap or JPEG files.
  • It can capture intricate designs and fine details.
  • It is permanent.

The Perfect Gift for a Special Someone

Our gifts and collectibles, for every occasion from Christmas to college graduation to the arrival of a new baby, come in a diverse assortment of materials.

We can engrave brass, sterling silver, silver plate, stainless steel, pewter, crystal, glass, gold and copper. Whatever gift you have in mind, we can make it as unique and memorable as you envision it.

If you need ideas, scroll through the extensive list of items available for engraving below. Then, just choose the typeface that you prefer.

For babies:

Our engraving's can be placed on the front or back of baby cups, allowing room for many characters

Cunill Pearls Baby Cup

For kitchen and dining:

For the bar:

For weddings:

Other gifts:

We also offer several styles of engravable Gift Tags.

Any gift is more special when you add the personal touch of engraving. Use a little imagination, and your loved one will cherish your thoughtful keepsake for years to come.