A Closer Look At Mepra Flatware

The Long, Colorful History of Mepra

The designers and craftsmen at Mepra go to impossible lengths to turn out deceptively simple-looking designs. Handling a piece of Mepra flatware is akin to admiring the work of a skilled, studied architect.

The brand name alludes to the company’s commitment to quality and tradition. Mepra is shorthand for Metallurgica Prandelli. Metallurgy is a branch of science and engineering concerned with the study of metallic elements. Prandelli is the family name, and that’s far more interesting to most people.

The brand has officially been around since 1947, but the three Prandelli brothers, Bortolo, Giovanbattista and Francesco, started the family business in Lumezzane, Italy, in 1898. They built their first metalworks factory in 1901. After World War II, Giovanbattista gave his three sons control of a new company called Mepra.

Pietro, Giacomo and Felice built a modern plant and took advantage of the raw aluminum and brass that were in abundance after the war. Three years later, they decided to switch to stainless steel. That decision has been paying off ever since.

As the company grew, the brothers branched into hollowware, kitchenware and silver plate production. Pietro’s son Gianno joined the business in 1972 and eventually served as both CEO and president. Luigi, Felice’s son, took over marketing and accounting in 1985. He later became CEO as well.

The company thrived through the 1980s. Luigi is credited with launching a number of versatile products and collections. The family started incorporating wood, glass, porcelain and other materials into their designs. The result was a diverse, innovative assortment of products that are still popular today. A plant dedicated solely to plastic goods opened in 1992.

To cater to the tastes of increasingly refined customers, Mepra began collaborating with well-known, cutting-edge designers like Angelo Mangiarotti, an award-winning architect and urban planner. Many of those talented newcomers still create designs for Mepra.

The family’s integrity is reflected in its elegant flatware and smart cookware, which are used in fine hotels, restaurants and private homes. The third generation of Prandellis is highly admired for its efforts to improve the environment, keep workers safe and healthy, use sustainable resources, and fight child labor around the globe.

Make Mepra a Part of Your Lifestyle

Mepra is best known for fine Italian flatware. Its patterns, which are uniquely beautiful in their simplicity, range in price from $70 to $180 per setting. All are crafted from 18/10-gauge stainless steel for durability and balance, but the striking finishes vary. Since the designs have classic, understated appeal, they are equally at home in rustic and formal settings.

Choose from these timeless patterns:


Michelangelo Vintage Bronzo

Michelangelo Vintage Bronzo

Michelangelo Vintage Bronzo  – The broad, unadorned, rounded handle and bronze finish hark back to a simpler time and more leisurely dining.


Dolce Vita Pewter – There is the merest suggestion of a scallop design on this pattern finished in pewter.

Fantasia Red by Mepra

Fantasia Red by Mepra

Fantasia – Add a slight touch of color with this slender design in red, blue, or china — a neutral beige that will enhance any table.


Epoque Oro Nero – This design is similar to the Vintage Bronzo, but the hammered finish makes it distinctive.

Caring for Your Mepra Silverware

The place settings come with a salad or dessert fork, a dinner fork, a table knife, a dessert spoon, and a tea or coffee spoon.

Mepra flatware is dishwasher-safe, but the manufacturer suggests giving special attention to the knives during the first few washings.

To ensure that the blades retain their sharpness over time — just one example of Mepra’s attention to detail — they’re made with a different gauge of stainless steel that has a higher carbon content. They will build up an invisible layer of protection from rust after several washings, but until then, they are vulnerable.

Don’t soak the knives for extended periods of time. Dry them with a soft cloth after the first 10 or 15 runs through the dishwasher.

Otherwise, caring for your Mepra flatware couldn’t be easier. The pieces should endure for generations just like the Prandelli family that made them.