A Very Christofle Christmas: 5 Designer Must-Haves

Christofle Forks, Knives, and Spoons around a set of gold rimmed white china

Christofle is one of the world’s premier silverware manufacturers that practices the art of fashioning the finest elegant and timeless designs on the planet. Their legacy of exquisite craftsmanship began in the 1830s when the Christofle family chose to specialize in gold and silver plating methods that took the world by storm. Since then, the Christofle Company has pioneered modern precious metal plating techniques that are used daily in their manufacturing plants.

As a result, Christofle has been able to unleash out-of-this-world designs by increasing their manufacturing agility without decreasing product quality. Making Christofle part of your Christmas tradition creates lifelong memories, which can be passed down through generations, and these five unique designer pieces are an absolute must-have for the holidays. 

Christofle Ornaments 

silver Christofle ornament hanging on red ribbon

Decadent silver-plated ornaments and decorations make the perfect holiday gift, and these special items will bring sparkle and warmth to anyone they are gifted to.  

Christmas Ball Ornament

This luxury silver-plated Christmas Ball is inscribed with the Christofle brand and the current year. The design consists of a heart motif that was handcrafted in France, and this precious ornament comes accompanied by both a gold and red ribbon for display. 

Mistletoe Bouquet Ornament

The traditional mistletoe kiss is an ancient tradition that represents love, peace, harmony, and continuity. Now, this time-honored plant that has lasted throughout the ages has been captured by seasoned crafters that brought the Mistletoe Bouquet ornament to life. A smooth and flat-surfaced silver plate in the shape of a circle represents never-ending love, and this divine collector’s item is topped with Christofle’s classic silver-plated bow. 

Heart Ornament

Furnished with holly accents and inspired by Swedish wood-carved tree decorations comes this intricately designed Heart Ornament, set with silver plating, and is also outfitted with Christofle’s classic silver-plated bow mounted at the top. The heart is a symbol of the core of human affection, and this timeless classic is sure to become a sacred holiday ornament that ushers in love and laughter. 

The entire Christofle ornament collection is filled with wonder and magic just for the holidays. Be sure to shop the entire collection and take advantage of limited edition pieces, which will create memories that last a lifetime. 

Formal Holiday Silverware 

Silver fork sitting on table next to plate

Marly Sterling Silverware 

Iconic 1890s French decor can grace your table with Christofle Marly, one of the most distinguished sterling silverware sets in the Christofle collection. Natural beauty, voluptuous curvature, and shell motifs that capture the spirit of the Louis XV era will add elegance and refinement to your holiday gatherings for many years to come. 

Malmaison Sterling Silverware 

Magnificent yet straightforward is the essence of Christofle’s Parisian influenced Malmaison sterling silverware. The palm and lotus leaves that surround the borders of each instrument add touching attention to detail that will catch the eye of party guests. This set of flatware tends only to reveal itself at the most celebrated occasions, and holiday 2021 is the perfect time to introduce this exquisitely crafted set in celebration of this year.