All About Sabre: Bistro-Style Flatware with French Flair

Sabre is a collection of fine French flatware which is as versatile as they come. Since 1993, Sabre has been creating “elegant, colorful and playful” flatware out of Paris. A joy to set on any table, this flatware has been perfectly characterized in the description above. Despite Sabre’s fearless attitude to colors, fun designs and patterns, it retains a sense of elegance and class which will make any dinner table stand out from the crowd.

With a huge range of colors and designs to choose from, Sabre encourages customers to mix and match as they see fit. There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to picking out your new French flatware, and Sabre would prefer you “let your imagination run wild!”

Adding a touch of whimsical flair has never been easier. With a huge range of Sabre flatware available on Silver Superstore, you can get your hands on this fun, bistro-style flatware for your table in no time. Sabre’s fun designs also mean that you can take this flatware beyond your dining table! They also make for a fun addition to any picnic basket.

What kind of designs does Sabre offer?

As well as traditional designs, Sabre is not afraid to add a touch of unique Parisian elegance to its flatware. Take the ‘Baguette’ design, for example:

The handle is an unusual shape, but its perfect symmetry and simple outline make it an immediate classic. You can also get this piece with a clear handle, but we love the pearl stainless flatware as pictured. 

Another piece from Sabre’s collection that stands out is the Bamboo stainless flatware. This collection certainly catches the eye with its real wood handle. 

Looking for a true bistro collection? According to New York Magazine’s recommendations of the 53 Best Flatware Sets, Sabre’s Bistro Vintage set has earned a spot. This entry from Sabre looks classically elegant, but has a touch of playfulness which we have come to expect from the brand.

This vintage collection is partnered by a ‘shiny’ version, but we love the bistro-feel of this one:

Let us finish off our list of our favorite Sabre flatware with a piece that perfectly captures the contrast between the more elegant pieces and the playful ones.

Sabre’s daisy yellow stainless flatware is loved by kids and adults alike. Its whimsical, floral patterning is a real crowd-pleaser, yet doesn’t look out of place on a dining table. 

Sabre is your one-stop-shop for your French bistro flatware needs. Offering a ton of colorful but elegant designs, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to adding new flatware to your dining table or picnic basket!