An All-American Christmas with American-Made Ornaments

There are a lot of advantages to supporting local creators. By buying American-made items, you not only support the national economy, but you’re ensuring that each product has followed American-based labor and fabrication standards. 

Purchasing items made abroad also takes a lot more energy and resources to reach its destination. American products can reach your doorstep with a lower carbon footprint. If you’re searching for beautiful ornaments for your tree this year, why not assist American workers at the same time? 

Buy American-Made Products

A popular sterling silver ornament made in the USA is the 2022 Gorham Snowflake. Every year since 1970, Gorham creates a collector holiday snowflake ornament to memorialize the year. This year, in its 53rd edition, you can find a double-sided holiday snowflake design with quality sterling silver for you and your loved ones to mark the year. For an even more personal touch, add an engravement like a name, date, initials, or combination.

If you love color and traditional design, you’ll love the American-made 2022 Wonders of Christmas Angel by Wallace Silversmiths. This 13th-edition piece weaves together rich hues of green, red, and gold to give your tree a little extra sparkle. It also uses high-quality gold plating paired with enamel, so it can last from generation to generation as a special keepsake. Each purchase also comes with a beautiful ribbon for hanging and a protective gift pouch for easy and safe storage. 

American Brands 

You can appreciate your ornaments even more deeply when you understand the background and dedication that goes behind each piece. Each American brand tells a unique story about its origins, growth, and talented workers.

For example, Gorham is a company that has been producing beautiful silver items since 1831. Their silversmiths work hard to ensure every piece meets the excellent expectations of craftsmanship required of them. This Rhode Island-based company is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for commemorative pieces that are made in America. 

Craftworkers from Wallace Silversmiths trace their beginnings to Robert Wallace, who is known for creating the first nickel spoon in the United States way back in 1835. He then merged businesses with other well-known silver creators over the decades. 

Today, nearly 200 years later, his business belongs to the Lifetime Brands family well-known for their excellence in silver production. Today, you can complete your Wallace Silversmiths collection with pieces from all across the country marked from the 1800s to 2022. 

If you’re interested in encouraging other national brands and boosting the local economy, search the Silver Superstore website for other popular American brands like Beacon Design, Empire Silver, Hand & Hammer, and Towle to get started. 

Supporting National Manufacturers 

Choosing to buy from American manufacturers is an easy way to help support the country. The more local creators earn, and in turn spend, on other local creators, the healthier our economic growth prospects become. Unfortunately, many American manufacturing companies have decreased nationally, which means fewer funds are invested into nearby communities through the jobs they create. 

When you give money to American-based companies you can feel good about assisting the national manufacturing industry, bolstering the national economy, helping to prevent excessive imports and debt, and supporting jobs for your fellow citizens.