Arctic Silverware by Towle: Perfect for Modern Tablescapes

Towle Arctic

A modern tablescape is ideal for casual dinner parties, when you’re shooting for a look that’s more avant garde than traditional.  Typically, modern tablescapes embody a simple, monochromatic color palette and contemporary dinnerware. There’s more to it though!


The rustic modern look is all the rage right now. Create a modern bouquet out of baby’s breath, lavender sprigs, and maybe even bamboo. These plants are subtle, simple, and unobtrusive. They speak to the understated nature of modern design.

Linen napkins are the ideal choice. A modern tablescape shouldn’t feature too many frills, like lace or embroidery. Simple striped linen napkins in white, gray, or even black will add depth and texture to your modern tablescape.

Place settings

Get bold when it comes down to plateware, especially with the place settings. Choose white, gray, or gunmetal place settings so that they will add to the surroundings. Clear glass is also preferable when choosing glasses for the place settings; these will go along with anything and keep the tablescape from becoming overwhelming.

Arctic Silverware by Towle

Towle Arctic Place Setting

Towle Arctic Place Setting

Sleek and simple silverware without too much flair is ideal for a modern tablescape. That’s why the Arctic collection of stainless steel silverware by Towle Silversmiths will top off the dining experience.

Its sterling, angular design helps it blend in with the surrounding tablescape while still catching the eye with its sharp edges.

This collection offers a 5-piece place setting or 6-piece serving set, both of which are sure to tie the contemporary look together. When placed atop dark napkins, the brilliant silver is sure to stand out and capture your guests’ attention.

The key to a modern tablescape is not to feature an overwhelming amount of colors and patterns. It can quickly take your dinner from contemporary to chaotic.

Towle Arctic 6 Piece Serving Set

Towle Arctic 6 Piece Serving Set

Use leafy greens to add a pop of color, but keep an overall minimalist aesthetic – something our Arctic silverware is certain to achieve.