Are Mismatched Flatware Sets a Thing? The Inside Scoop.

A collage of mismatched flatware on a dark background

Flatware, consisting of spoons, forks, and other eating utensils, typically includes matching pieces with a similar color scheme and design pattern. Most traditional high-end boutiques offer inclusive sets that are designed to be set out on the table altogether. However, many modern households are beginning to prefer a more unique look by turning their daily set into personalized works of art. 

Why Mismatched?

For anyone seeking a kitchen full of character, mismatched sets are the perfect addition to your home. Bring your own unique style to meals by using one-of-a-kind pieces and collectibles. Mixed sets allow you to pick from individual pieces you absolutely adore, instead of just settling on one set. That way, if any pieces are missing from a flatware set, you can still put everything you already own to good use. 

Plus, you can add in new pieces and more easily change the look of your table whenever you’re ready for a new look! Try a blend of metals for one dinner, a combination of motifs the next, or any theme you desire. 

How to Buy

Start by identifying some of your favorite flatware designs. For example, do you prefer romantic floral handles, modern colors, or seasonal motifs? You can begin your collection by searching in local antique shops, second-hand markets, and home goods stores. 

Some sellers even offer individual utensils, so you can select items with your favorite designs without purchasing the entire set. If you’re looking for the freedom and fun to play around with your cutlery, easily find a variety of separate pieces to choose from by browsing the Silver Superstore flatware catalog. 

How to Mix and Match? 

There are many combinations to explore when creating your perfect mix-matched set. The possibilities are endless.

You can combine different designs and colors for a contemporary look that is easily styled for events like birthdays, formal dinners, and holidays. Or, you can blend modern designs like sleek silver pieces with antiquated ones for an elevated, yet vintage feel.

If you don’t know where to get started, look at what pieces you already own and use them as a springboard. Search for similar styles, but with variations, like different engravings, patterns, and sizes, to add to the combination. 

If you’re looking for a mix-and-match look that is more elegant and refined, rather than quirky, try quality silver utensils with classic floral decorations. For example, the floral motif and beaded edging of the Lenox Opal Innocence Stainless Flatware and the delicate flowers at the end of the hourglass-shaped Oneida Boutonniere Stainless Flatware make the perfect pair for both daily and formal meals. 

Managing your Flatware

Sometimes, all the mixing can get chaotic instead of chic. No one wants to open their cutlery drawer to find a collection so eclectic that they can’t find what they need. 

Ensure you store your items in a way that avoids confusion. Try sorting each set together and mixing only when eating if you own multiple full sets. If you only own semi-full sets, it’s best to store your pieces by theme, rather than use. Keep colors, materials, or designs together instead of forks, spoons, and knives. 

You may also benefit from proper storage like box sets and chests to keep your sets more protected, orderly, and ready to go.