Baguette Flatware: From Colonial Williamsburg to the Bistros of France

Baguette Flatware: From Colonial Williamsburg to the Bistros of France

Baguette flatware is a simple yet elegant style silverware that you can use casually or in a formal setting. It is characterized by the teardrop shaped handle and a long ridge running down the middle. This contemporary style flatware dates back more than a century in Europe and back to colonial times in America. It is currently used in fine bistros throughout France. Due to its huge popularity, there are many manufactures that make Baguette silverware. They are most commonly made in a continental or European size and medium to heavy in weight.

At Silver Superstore, we offer a variety of options of Baguette flatware for any budget. Here are our most popular patterns. Prices listed are for a service for 12 people.


Budget Friendly:

Bastille by D&V

Baguette Flatware - Bastille by FortessaFortessa’s D&V line of flatware is an excellent choice for those looking for good quality at an affordable price! In addition, they have a few extra pieces to complete your set that you won’t find in many other lines of silverware. The Bastille pattern has appetizer/cake forks, bouillon spoons, butter knives, dessert knives,  and espresso spoons! This pattern is high quality 18/10 stainless steel and sure to spruce up your dining table.

Weight: This pattern Weight is 279 grams (279 grams per place setting)


Blaine by Wallace

Baguette Flatware - Blaine by WallaceBlaine silverware is crafted of quality 18/10 grade stainless flatware. It is made for everyday use and is therefore dishwasher safe. Its traditional colonial design features a ridge down the middle of the handles, with the exception of the knife. For entertaining and ease in the kitchen, basic serving pieces are available in this pattern.

Weight: This pattern Weight is 334 grams (334 grams per place setting)



Williamsburg Royal Scroll by Reed and Barton

Baguette Flatware - Williamsburg Royal Scroll by Reed and BartonThis baguette pattern is the licensed a pattern for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. The pattern is made of premium 18/10 stainless steel. Each of the forks features three tines and the knife features an ergonomic pistol grip handle with details running to perimeter of the handle. This pattern includes basic serving and hostess pieces in addition to a pie/cake server and gravy ladle.

Weight:  This pattern Weight is 334 grams(329 grams per place setting)

Baguette by Solex

Baguette Flatware - Baguette by SolexSolex silverware is made in Germany. This quality flatware pattern is made for everyday use and it is dishwasher safe. The pattern is made from 18/10 stainless, with the exception of the knives which are 18/0. The knives feature a serrated blade and a solid handle.

Weight: This pattern Weight is 329 grams (329 grams per place setting)




Baguette by Ricci

Baguette Flatware - Baguette by RicciThis Ricci interpretation of the classic Baguette style silverware features a few embellishments not found on most baguette flatware. The pieces have a line bordering each handle in addition to a design at the end of each handle. This pattern includes 5 serving pieces sold as a hostess set. This 18/10 stainless flatware includes a serrated knife and four tine forks.

Weight: This pattern Weight is 336 grams (336 grams per place setting)



Baguette by Sambonet

Sambonet makes excellent, high quality 18/10 stainless flatware. Their version of Baguette features two options of knives, hollow handle or solid handle. In addition to the traditional place settings, there is a wide varitey of serving pieces and place setting peices. If you enjoy having additional pieces for your set, (for example iced teaspoons, steak knives, fish forks and more) this Baguette pattern will be an excellent choice for you and your family.

Weight: This pattern Weight is 278 grams (278 grams per place setting)

Beau Manoir Mirror by Degrenne

This beautiful Baguette flatware pattern by Degrenne is made of high quality 18/10 stainless. The knives are hollow handled and the salad and dinner forks feature four tines each. The Degrenne Baguette pattern has a wide range of pieces to fill your flatware set, including moka spoons, pastry forks, and oyster forks, and a range of serving pieces as well.

Weight: Pattern Weight Chart (310 grams per place setting)



Bali by Ercuis

The premium quality flatware by Ercuis is made in France out of 18/10 stainless silverware. This elegant flatware set will suit any table, from the most traditional to the most contemporary. This timeless Baguette silverware set features three tine salad forks and four tine dinner forks. With a range of pieces to finish off your table, you’ll have everything you need for your entertaining and dining needs.

Weight: This pattern Weight is 316 grams (316 grams per place setting)

Baguette by Chambly

This elegant Baguette pattern by Chambly is made in France. As the most popular pattern in Europe, Baguette is simple with perfect balance. If you are looking for the finest quality flatware, Chambly has the set you are looking for.

Weight: This pattern Weight is 286 grams (286 grams per place setting)





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