Bring Italy to the Table with Sambonet

Sambonet has long been established as the premier Italian provider of silverware and flatware made of metals like silver, gold, and copper, and stainless steel. It has been the pinnacle of fine Italian silverware since 1856. As the industry has changed, so have the signature Sambonet styles on par with French flatware offerings. 

Stainless steel is a popular metal for silverware and service ware. It has a nicer weight and a dense, strong composition, making it resistant against chipping and corrosion. When the silver, gold, or copper plating is added, you have the traditional beauty of Italian silverware on par with French flatware options combined with the benefits of high-quality long-lasting affordable flatware.

The journey from inception to modern designs and manufacture

The Sambonet silverware brand has led the industry since early in the 20th century. The company was founded by Giuseppe Sambonet, son of a nobleman from Vercelli, starting from nothing but a goldsmith license. The fine Italian silverware was in high demand, and Sambonet was the premier provider of silverware to European nobility. 

Giuseppe was a visionary with a drive to embrace new applications of mechanical engineering. In fact, his company was the first to install an industrial manufacturing plant with both sterling silver and galvanized. By 1940 Sambonet had developed their own method and designs for stainless steel, as well as silver, gold, and bamboo copper plated stainless flatware.

The most popular Sambonet designs

On par with the quality of its French counterparts, Sambonet remains far superior to the cheap off-brand flatware. The artistic flare behind the patterns and styles of this flatware also make it a statement piece at your dinner table, on special occasions or every night. 

There are several different designs and metals available in complete silverware collections, but these are the most popular.


The Baguette Sambonet silverware design is of a Colonial style, with simple but elegantly curved handles. You can get these as a solid stainless steel, stainless coated with silver or gold plating, or hollow stainless steel flatware. Hollow flatware is best if you need a lighter weight for more comfortable use. 


This classic, simplistic, delicate style is a best seller at Sambonet. The Dream flatware collection is thin at the base with a thickening at the grip and tapered to a sophisticated but soft point. Found in fine dining restaurants and hotels all over the world, this durable stainless steel flatware design is perfect for adding sophistication to everyday meals. 

Gio Ponti

Gio Ponti himself developed the design for a simple but hefty luxury stainless steel flatware. The knives are imprinted with his signature, and they can be a great conversation starter in the area of design. Silverplate silverware or flatware with a matte finish are both available as well. 

There are two key features that make the Gio Ponti the perfect luxury silverware. The simple stainless steel design incorporates the straight edges and sharp corners associated with the modern styles. Meanwhile, the solid stainless steel adds the heft that you expect from luxury serving ware.

Check out these and other designs in the catalog.