Celebrate with Silver: Bring in the New Year with These Must-Haves

Exploding fireworks over a mint julep cup and shaker

The end to a year that will forever be etched into the soul of the entire world requires remembrance. Even small New Year’s Eve (NYE) rituals at home can still be fully decked out with stunning tableware that pays homage to the end of a tumultuous year. 

Having crisp drinkware and all of the necessary accessories to create a joyous celebration adds a special touch needed to bring in a new year filled with ultimate possibilities. 

Celebratory Drinkware

The Moscow Mule has been a permanent part of the cocktail scene since 1941. It came to life in an era of American fortitude during World War II and the Great Depression. Jack Morgan, owner of the legendary Cock ‘n’ Bull bar in Los Angeles, was having trouble moving a massive shipment of ginger beer and vodka.

Since both weren’t popular at that time, a Moscow Mule mug was able to seal the deal with consumers, and the Moscow Mule was born. 

Mint Juleps are another great NYE beverage that will wow both present or virtual party guests. Mint Julep cups are the last touch needed to bring this sweet yet deep and refreshing drink to life. Toasting flutes for a bit of midnight bubbly is a long-standing NYE tradition that represents new beginnings. 

The consumption of champagne has been redefined over the ages. The practice that finally found its place as an NYE tradition started at a cafe in New York called Cafe Martin at the end of the 19th century.  

Set the Scene with Silver

If you plan on hosting virtual party guests this NYE, then a polished table setting is an absolute must. A candlelit backdrop outfitted with silver candle holders add excitement to small gatherings and will make any livestream NYE event truly special. Revere bowls will complete your decor and are perfect for serving snacks, party punch, and beyond. 

Creating the ultimate party background can also be a fun activity between friends or family that can’t gather this year. Hosting an NYE best table setting competition is a fun way for guests to dress up their tables and interact with loved ones in the safety and comfort of each person’s home.

Prizes for best decor can be given, and party attendees can cast votes on the most outfitted table settings in a friendly competition. 

Complete the NYE Ambiance

With silver accented decor, food, and cocktails, dressing for the occasion completes the look and creates fluidity between party decor and the host. Even when celebrating at home, creating a complete party atmosphere is so much more than just having something to do this year. It signifies life, vitality, and experiences that can never be taken away.  

Coming into NYE, putting your best foot forward will help keep the spirit of celebration alive all through 2021. Having a set of long-lasting silver pieces as a permanent part of your setup can be used for the anticipated get-togethers that will definitely happen in the next year.