Choose American-Made Silverware for Memorial Day

On Memorial Day 2019, millions of Americans will turn their thoughts toward loved ones in uniform who have passed away. This day carries especially strong associations for families of U.S. service personnel who died while serving the nation. Across the United States, people share a day of love and remembrance on May 27 dedicated to these individuals.

Choose Liberty Tabletop for Your Memorial Day Occasion

People often gather for backyard picnics or barbecues on Memorial Day. In many places, these informal gatherings allow people to spend time outdoors enjoying the arrival of warmer weather while also sharing a spirit of community and patriotism. Some of these celebrations this year will add a unique, meaningful symbolic gesture: the use of high quality American-made silver flatware.

Why does this practice hold value? During recent years, steel manufacturers in the United States endured enormous competitive pressures from firms based in other parts of the world. Inexpensive, mass-produced household wares manufactured thousands of miles away drove all but one U.S. silver flatware manufacturer out of business.

Today, only Sherrill Manufacturing continues to uphold the long tradition of fine American silver flatware production. The company’s Liberty Tabletop collection relies exclusively upon high grade U.S. stainless steel produced in Ohio.

A Smart Investment

In addition to demonstrating support for a beleaguered industry in the USA, customers who select Liberty Tabletop cutlery also reveal an appreciation for high quality. Unlike many of their current competitors, Sherrill Manufacturing ensures it tests its silver flatware for the presence of lead and other potentially harmful toxins. Consumers using these durable, attractive utensils obtain solid value.

The company goes out of its way to design and produce long lasting, excellent stainless steel flatware, in fact. These sets cost a bit more than other brands. However, customers know they’ve invested in dependable, long-lasting, safe flatware. These dishwasher-safe items won’t rust, chip, or crack easily. They won’t leave toxic metal residues or polishing materials on food products.

Explore Four Unique Designs

While Liberty Tabletop has plenty of traditional flatware designs, they also four particularly unique patterns. These make outstanding gifts! The variety and beauty of these patterns reflects fundamental American values of free speech, free thought, and diversity of opinion in a classic, stylish way. Consider selecting one (or more) of these appealing sets this week:

Celtic: The handles of these shiny silver utensils reveal some impressive ancient symbols, including the Tree of Life (denoting the unity of creation). Set against a finely textured background, these decorative items offer a lovely addition to any modern table setting!

Calavera: The Calavera pattern pays Spanish-inspired homage to the memory of departed loved ones. Both front and back handles display images of skulls, a popular and poignant reference to the transience of life.

Earth: The new Earth stainless steel flatware employs decorative handles culminating in a fashionable leaf bud/chestnut. The vivid imagery used in the design reminds everyone of the powerful renewing and regenerative properties of Nature.

Woodstock: This design, perfect for conscientious objectors, offers handles embellished with flowering vines and peace symbols. It uses imagery widely popularized during the 1960s and 1970s.

Wonderful Additions

All these collections, and many previous ones, supply fine stainless steel flatware for residential or business use. These high quality, durable, products make a great addition to any kitchen. Consider adding them as a sustainable alternative to your Memorial Day tableware soon!

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