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Christofle: A Company that Knows Quality

The holidays are a happy time. Unpacking ornaments and holiday décor brings back memories of family moments spent together while planning parties and fancy dinners give you the chance to use your decorative tableware including your high-end flatware and sophisticated china.

Known for its lavish table service products, Christofle is a highly respected brand, one that adorns the tabletops of those who appreciate quality. From traditional silverware lines to contemporary pieces, Christofle offers choice.

History of Christofle

The company was started in 1830, and is owned by founding family members to this day. Christofle is a family name, and this particular family started their manufacturing career as the makers of jewelry components and sequins toward the end of the 18th century. Due to their success, the family extended its production to feature diverse products like gold buttons, mother-of-pearl, silver-threaded cloth and epaulettes for military uniforms.

Christofle’s became known throughout the world in 1830, when 25-year-old Charles Christofle was put in charge of expanding the Paris enterprise. From the get-go, Charles was interested in expanding internationally, so Christofle’s commissions included Queen Ranavallo of Madagascar’s crown and a set of ceremonial swords for Latin American consumers.

In 1842, Charles obtained exclusive rights to a set of patents that included a technique of using electrolysis for silver and gold plating, a major processing shift at the time. By 1845, Charles had opened a manufacturing plant devoted to the new plating methods. His decision placed the company’s future on the success or failure of the new venture. Clearly, his gamble paid off. This plant was one of the first to use electricity as a development tool.

The Christofle Company experienced a high point leading up to World War I while the Art Deco era inspired the company to call upon the period’s renowned designers to recreate its image. Christofle remained profitable during the 1980s, launched new designs in the ‘90s, and continues to innovate to this day.

Christofle From Silver Superstore

Silver Superstore is proud to offer a wide range of Christofle products that we know will be a part of your family for generations to come.

Christofle Silverplate Flatware

Handle of the Christofle Jardin D Eden Silverplate flatware set

Christofle Jardin D Eden Silverplate

Manufactured in Yainville, Normandy in their fine silver workshop, Christofle’s line of silverplate flatware carries on its long tradition of innovation and combines it with the beauty and elegance you would expect from high end flatware.  Browse our selection of Christofle flatware lines, including Albi, America, Perles, and much more!

Handle of the Christofle Perles Stainless Flatware pattern

Christofle Perles Stainless Flatware

Christofle Stainless FlatwareIn addition to their amazing silverplate flatware, Christofle boasts an impressive line of stainless flatware.  Each of these pieces is made with the same care and attention to detail that we’ve come to expect from Christofle.

The 2017 Christofle Christmas Ball Hexagone

Christofle Christmas Ball

Christofle Annual Christmas BellWe all have our holiday traditions, and Christofle’s is the Annual Christmas Bell.  Different hexagons and merged together to create an elegant snowflake pattern, and custom engraving allows you to make each bell your very own.

Quality Inspires Timelessness

Christofle is a company that offers quality products, the kind that make their way through multiple generations. With its longtime history and willingness to stay current through change, Christofle is a brand that’s likely to be around for years.