Creating Trendy Tablescapes with Matte Black & Gold Flatware

When it comes to hosting dinner parties or events, you may want to really wow your guests with your design skills aside from your amazing creations in the kitchen. So, creating a beautiful tablescape can make all the difference in setting the right tone for the occasion. 

One trend that has been gaining popularity this year is the use of matte black and gold flatware to create a chic and sophisticated look. Continue reading below as we go through the different elements that you can style and include to master the look of your tablescape. 

Step 1: Select the Right Flatware

First, let’s start with the flatware itself. Matte black and gold flatware adds an instant touch of glamour to any tablescape. These unique pieces are eye-catching and will make a great statement even just on their own. 

You can use these flatware pieces either as the focal point of the tablescape, or as a complement to the other elements like dinnerware, glassware, or centerpiece that you add. Plus, you can choose just one of these styles on their own, or mix and match collections to create even more dimension in your tablescape design. 

When selecting the matte black and gold flatware, make sure to consider the design and quality of the pieces, as this will make sure the overall aesthetic of your table setting is exactly what you had in mind. 

Step 2: Choose High-Quality Dinnerware

Next up, you’ll need to select the dinnerware that you’ll utilize. Your choice should complement the flatware and add to the overall look of the tablescape, without taking away from the beauty and elegance of the matte black and gold flatware. 

You can use neutral colors like white or cream to create a beautiful contrast against the matte black and gold flatware. Or, you can use dinnerware with a unique pattern or design in the color black or china with gold accents to really tie the entire table setting together. 

Step 3: Add Glassware

Glassware is another important element to consider. You’ll want to choose glasses that complement the matte black and gold flatware and your dinnerware of choice. 

Clear glassware is a classic option that will never go out of style. But, if you want to add a bit of personality to the tablescape, consider using colored glassware, or glasses with a unique black and gold design. 

Be sure to keep the overall color scheme in mind to make sure you’re creating a cohesive look with all the different elements combined. 

Step 4: Create a Winning Centerpiece

The centerpiece is the focal point of the tablescape which can really work to tie all the elements together. There are many different options for centerpieces, including flowers, candles, and decorative objects. 

When building your centerpiece, keep the size and shape of your table in mind. For instance, a large centerpiece may easily overwhelm a small table, while a small centerpiece may look out of place on a large table. 

Plus, you’ll want to select the height of the centerpiece carefully, as you don’t want it to obstruct the view of guests when seated across from one another. 

Step 5: Consider Linen Options

Finally, you’ll want to browse through the different linens and table runner options out there. Linens can add texture and depth to a tablescape, and further add to the cohesiveness of the look. 

You can also consider using placemats in a neutral color that complements your table setting. Further, a table runner in a coordinating color or pattern can be just what you need to add interest and tie the tablescape together.