Cyber Monday 2020: Cups, Christmas, & More

Moscow mule mug with beverage splashing out featuring a Cyber Monday sale banner on the side.

The time for giving has once again arrived, with Thanksgiving leading the charge for a holiday season that could (possibly) help us forget the woes of 2020.

No matter how your year has been impacted by the pandemic, chances are, there’s somebody you wish to show gratitude to: whether it be a healthcare worker, a friend that’s helped you through the ups & downs, or a boss that’s kept your best interests at heart.

With silver being as memorable a token of appreciation as ever, Silver Superstore wants to make it an affordable one too. To honor the large number of people that will be doing their shopping online this year, we’re offering our Cyber Monday special.

Cyber Monday 2020 sales banner featuring tiered discounts.

So, this Cyber Monday (Nov. 30), check out our very special deals to save up to 25% on silver goods.

As you think about giving thanks, here are just a few great items to give thanks with.

Christmas Ornaments

It’s not too late to order one of our many exquisite silver Christmas ornaments. While we offer many whimsical themes, you may consider something a little more understated for the purpose of showing gratitude.

One of our wreath ornaments, heart ornaments, or many classic bell ornaments are the perfect neutral, traditional pieces that anyone is sure to love.

The 2020 Wallace Sleigh Bell is also a timeless choice. It comes in a red velvet pouch and features a silver-plated finish that really gives it an elegant shine. To show your sentiments, consider engraving it with a special message.

Moscow Mule Mugs

Moscow Mule mugs are a popular item this time of year, as the cocktail’s gingery finish makes it an ultimate wintertime favorite. It’s also a celebratory drink that people love to break out on New Year’s Eve.

If you know someone who enjoys craft cocktails, as well as playing bartender, a set of Moscow Mule mugs might be the perfect addition to their collection.

Or, if the theme of your Thanksgiving celebration this year is “self-care”, then a Moscow Mule mug still tops the list. Why not treat yourself to this scrumptious beverage in an authentic cup to match?

Pro Tip: Plenty of other beverages are suited to a Moscow Mule mug — particularly seasonal ones. These copper vessels are also perfect for housing a Winter Sangria or a delightfully cozy Hot Toddy!

Baby Cups

If this is your little one’s first big holiday celebration, you may want to commemorate it with one of our silver baby cups. Whether you plan on gifting a baby cup to a new parent for Christmas or purchasing one as your own family heirloom, our Cyber Monday specials will help you save on this treasured keepsake.

Choose from one of our many fun and precious designs, like the Teddy Bear Baby Cup, the Rabbit Handle Baby Cup, or the Duck Baby Cup.

If you’re looking for a design that’s a bit simpler and more traditional, then the Gorham Sterling Classic Baby Cup is a popular choice. It comes with a beautiful velvet pouch and box for gift-giving, and also has a free engraving option so you can inscribe it with a special message.