Degrenne Flatware: Revolutionizing Stainless Steel Silverware for Generations to Come

A beautiful set of Degrenne flatware with sleek lines

Most of us take our silverware for granted. Maybe, on rare occasions, like holidays or parties, we appreciate their utility or appearance. But, when it comes to flatware, even interior designers rarely get excited.

Still, someone did. In 1984, Guy Degrenne took stainless steel cutlery into the mainstream marking from a small French town, Sourdeval. At that point, stainless steel silverware changed forever. 

From its humble beginnings, Degrenne is about exceptional quality, bold designs, and innovative sustainability that will change your flatware game forever. 

History of Degrenne Flatware

Founded in 1984 by Guy Degrenne, Degrenne flatware became a post-war innovation that revolutionized flatware for generations. His family manufactured tableware in forged steel, so he was no stranger to this industry. But, to Degrenne, the expensive cost of producing flatware using these methods didn’t seem efficient. 

He believed there must be a better, more effective, and more affordable way to produce flatware. Yet, Degrenne was still a young man with limited resources. His creativity forged new generations’ paths to come and revolutionize the flatware industry like no other company before. 

It wasn’t until he discovered he could repurpose the armor plating of tanks leftover from the Battle of Normandy and use that material to build production equipment.

In the 1940s, the idea of reclaiming material wasn’t fashionable, and stainless steel remained very foreign to French dining tables. But, he was determined. After trial and error, Degrenne’s first collection was born. 

Degrenne focused on creating attractive, modern, and timeless stainless steel silverware pieces. Quickly, business took off. Beyond its beautiful designs, Degrenne did something no one else had thought at the moment — sustainability. 

By the 1960s, his operation continued to expand. Thanks to his sustainability approach using recycled material, minimizing waste, and increasing production volume, he created beautiful, accessible dinnerware for all. 

Even long after his success, Degrenne’s sustainability origins continued, as he kept buying second-hand machinery and continued to adapt designs to generate minimum scraps. He never changed his business model of selling leftovers back to supplies, a trustworthy full-circle business. 

Degrenne Flatware Silverware Collections

Today, Degrenne’s stainless flatware continues to look ahead. Its redesign collections still pay homage to the first iconic collection but used more ergonomic designs.

This contemporary aesthetic is evident in their flatware line—stainless steel finishes, bold handles with delicate designs, and substantial weight to each piece that makes them feel sturdy and comfortable to use. 

The Beau Manoir-Blois design is one of their most popular ones—a classic and timeless reflection of Degrenne’s designs’ beginnings. The curved handle offers discreet elegance and ode to traditional French tableware, while the stainless steel finish adds a modernizing touch. 

Another popular is the Lutece design, an elegant and refined style that’s ideal for the contemporary home. Lutece flatware adapts to different types of tableware and looks stylish in casual and formal settings. The upperparts are gourmand, while the triangular handle lets the knife rest on its side comfortably and without tripping. 

Today, beyond flatware, Degrenne’s aesthetic lives in all dinnerware items, including plates, bowls, and teapots. While we often overlook the silverware around us, next time you pick up a stainless steel fork or knife, remember about Degrenne’s bold commitment to new materials. Build your silverware collection with Degrenne’s pieces to have a story to tell every time you serve the table.