Elegance Meets Whimsy with Christofle MOOD

Christofle Mood Silver Egg and flatware in the middle of a table

A few pieces become memorable, timeless, and fashionable all at once in the kitchen. MOOD by Christofle was introduced in 2015, and it was the one piece that changed traditional table codes. 

The adorable concept perfectly aligns current trends with traditional silverware. As the dining table cut ties with the strict table codes, silverware designers explored creative ways to dress up the table. 

Christofle wanted to capitalize on that idea, so it created MOOD. A unique egg-shaped silverware holder and display broke with all the standards while still combining refinement, elegance, and tradition in a straightforward piece. 

The MOOD Collection

Since its beginnings, MOOD by Christofle has been all about breaking the mold. With its egg-shaped tableware accessories, Christofle changed the way we look at traditional table settings. Beyond its core collections, they have capsule collections with Pharrel Williams and the late Karl Lagerfeld, proving that timeless design can continuously evolve. 

Rose Gold

Christofle Mood Rose Gold Egg with flatware sticking up

The MOOD Precious collection comes in an 18k rose gold gilded case instead of the traditional silver. A 24-piece that serves up to six people includes everything you’ll need to entertain guests or serve a family diner. You won’t want to hide this piece from your dining room, perfect to decorate the top of your credenza or sideboard table. 


silver egg with walnut wood and flatware sticking up

MOOD is the classic silver-plated collection with a walnut wood interior disk that helps keep flatware in place. Also, a 24-piece set serves up to six people. The stainless steel egg container holds six table knives, fortis, spoons, and teaspoons. The walnut interior disk helps you display the cutlery even when not in use—the perfect style for a more traditional table setting.


Gold Christofle egg and flatware set

Then, you have MOOD Gold, a lavish and breathtaking collection. A 24k gold gilded storage egg-shaped capsule, masterfully paired with a walnut interior to keep flatware in place. The 24-piece set is perfect for serving six people. You will love how the gold silverware looks next to your plates and table decor. Perfect for special occasions like anniversaries, Thanksgiving dinner, and the holidays. 

MOOD Coffee

mood coffee spoon egg capsule set by christfole

You don’t have to be a royal to enjoy an afternoon tea or coffee party. With the MOOD Coffee collection, you’ll add the perfect complement to your coffee or afternoon tea. Available in a 7-piece silver espresso spoon set and a 7-piece rose gold espresso spoon set, you can easily find the one that blends with your style. 

Here, the silverplated egg-shaped capsule is perfectly lined by a removable walnut interior disk to add an element of elegance. In the rose GOLD version, the chest comes in a mirror-polished stainless steel plate in a copper tone to blend with the rest of the capsule. 

About The Maison Christofle

Since 1830, Christofle has been synonymous with elegance, exceptional table art, and refined home accessories. They use handmade manufacturing to maintain the precious trades of spinning, embossing, and engraving they used hundreds of years ago. 

Today, the maison continues to be renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and irreplaceable quality. 

Beyond flatware, they also offer tableware, barware, home accessories, and even jewelry. All are subject to the same level of detail and quality that makes their products so coveted.