Experts Weigh in on Heirloom Silverware

Silver cutlery on a dark grey background.

If you’ve inherited your family set of silverware, you may be wondering what to do with it. Do you use it, sell it, or store it? Luckily, experts at Silver Superstore have the answers you’ve been looking for. 

What Do I Do With Family Silver?

Silver Superstore owner Sandy Bourbonnais was recently featured in multiple articles for her expertise on what to do with silver heirlooms like beautifully crafted silverware. Having been in the business for over 23 years now, she knows all about silverware maintenance. 

What was her advice? Well, it depends on your intentions. Are you looking for cash or sentimentality? Most people aren’t aware that used silverware, even very nice brands, are worth barely a fraction of the price that they cost new. 

Invaluable Heirlooms

New silverware sets may cost well over $10,000. Many people think that they’ll be able to resell their sets for a high price tag as well. 

Unfortunately, that isn’t how the business works. Resellers need to account for the money it takes to store, display, and insure the items, all of which cut into the already lessened price. 

However, that doesn’t mean your beautiful set of silverware passed down from your family is worthless! In fact, their lack of resell value makes them precious for sentimental value. They are still luxurious, high-quality items that can be used and appreciated for generations. 

Sterling Silver or Silver Plated and Stainless?

There is a reason why high-end restaurants and events tend to use sterling silver over stainless steel utensils. While stainless is durable and cost effective, it doesn’t have the same level of quality.  

Silver plated utensils are elegant, but because they have a lesser concentration of silver they won’t likely last for generations like sterling silver. 

Silverware began its popularity because even thought it’s a metal, it doesn’t react very much with foods. Other metals can sometimes create a strange taste with certain meals, especially acidic foods.

However, true silverware helps maintain the great taste of the food you’re eating. It also tends to have a distinct look and feel that glides effortlessly when you are cutting your food. 

Don’t Wait to Use

There are many benefits to using your set of silverware every day. Sandy Bourbonnais says the best way to keep your valuable set from tarnishing to use it as much as possible.

Many people may think they need to hide their silverware away, tucked deep in their china display, but it’s really not the best way to preserve your pieces.

Stop waiting for special occasions to bring your set out. As long as you know how to properly clean and dry your silverware, they will continue to look and feel good as new.

Start Your Own Family Tradition Today 

If you haven’t inherited a special set of silverware, you can be the first person in your family to begin the tradition! Choose beautiful discount sterling silverware for an affordable way to bring something special to every family meal. 

You can pick from traditional and refined models, as well as more modern pieces, depending on your style. No matter what you decide, quality silverware is designed to last for generations.