Gorham Studio – Flatware Review

The Gorham Studio Design

Studio 5pc Set by Gorham

Studio 5pc Set by Gorham

The Gorham’s Studio 5 piece stainless place setting is beautiful in design. The Studio pattern has smooth rounded handles that give a simple and very elegant look. I would consider the handle design to be modern, new age, and even artistic. For the price at Silversuperstore.com the Studio flatware works well for everyday usage and is glamorous enough to show off to your dinner guests. The 18/10 stainless polished flatware catches the surrounding light which makes it shine to impress.

Setting the Table

There are slightly rounded indents located back of the handles on the bottom. These indents allow for easy handling and placement to give an accurate layout for the finishing touches to any diner setting. While setting the table with the Studio flatware I noticed that  the sizes of the pieces balance well to each other and are visually appealing. This pattern would go great with any solid color dish design as well as most other dish styles.

Comfortability and Durability

The lengths of the handles in Gorham Studio rest comfortably in ones’ hand and allows for the best usability. All the flatware in this set  has a slight weight to it that shows its durability yet not too heavy to notice while using.  To prove its resistance and durability, I attempted to bend the stainless flatware and was unsuccessful. This set is sturdy and reliable.


Gorham Studio 5 Piece Place SEtting

Gorham Studio

Usability Design



I am very impressed by the usability design of this 5 piece set. The forks are greatly designed. The salad fork’s two outer prongs are cut perfectly to pierce that straying piece of lettuce and the outer prongs on the dinner fork are angle inward perfectly for easy placement into the mouth. I was also very surprised on how sharp knife arrived. I was able to use the knife to cut an apple quickly and smoothly!

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I am very impressed by this is set! If you are too Check out Studio by Gorham today!