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Christmas Comes Early with Silver Superstore!


The calendar has flipped over to June, and here at Silver Superstore that can only mean one thing: our 2017 silver Christmas ornaments have started rolling in! And as much as we love a good backyard barbecue, it’s never too early to plan ahead and get your hands on your annual favorites.


Gorham Snowflake

Gorham Silver Snowflake Ornament with Red Ribbon

2017 Gorham Snowflake

This gorgeous creation is a six-sided piece of .925 sterling silver adorned with a red ribbon. This festive item is guaranteed made in the USA and is stamped Gorham Sterling on the edge. It’s the 48th in a long line of terrific ornaments crafted with Old World charm and dedication to quality. The snowflake is 3.5 inches tall and 3.25 inches wide. It glimmers in the light from the sheen of its reflective surface. The concentric hexagon pattern repeats on both sides, so it will look marvelous from any angle.

You can also adorn the Gorham Snowflake with an Engraving Tag and add a special message. Both sides can be engraved ($6.00 extra for the second side). There are 15 fonts from which you can choose. It also comes with both a protective pouch and an attractive gift box. As with real snowflakes, no two Gorham versions are the same from year to year.


Wallace Sleigh Bell

Wallace Silver Sleigh Bell with Red Hanging Ribbon

2017 Wallace Sleigh Bell

The Wallace Sleigh Bell catches your eye not only with the artful poinsettia that rings the ornament but also with its spectacular silver plating that flashes and sparkles in the light. The detail of the flowers speaks to a commitment to age-old values. This year’s ornament comes embossed with 2017, and the ornament measures 2.75 inches tall and 2.5 inches wide. It’s made in the USA, so you can feel patriotic as well as festive when you display it.

This year marks the 47th year in a row that the Wallace Sleigh Bell will adorn homes across the country. The bell comes with two ribbons, red and white, and a protective pouch. The bell is perfect for engraving, but because the bell is round, it’s recommended only to engrave a single line. There are 15 fonts available, from the classic to the ultra-modern. This item’s quality has led it to be the No. 1 best-selling item in the inventory.


Reed & Barton Cross

Reed and Barton Silver Cross with Red Hanging Ribbon

2017 Reed & Barton Cross

The Reed & Barton Cross is fashioned from .925 sterling silver and measures 3 inches tall and wide. It comes in a hinged box made of velvet and also includes a protective pouch. Stamped on the back is the message “2017 Christmas Cross Reed & Barton Sterling.” The cross is suitable for engraving, and your message can be sized to fit. Because of the cross’s symmetrical construction, you can select which of the arms will contain your engraving, which can be in any one of 15 typesets.

The cross’s form is rooted in the Middle Ages, and this is the 47th incarnation of its venerable, 13th-century form. The workmanship on the flowing filigree of fans is exquisite and harkens back to a time when such items were not only handcrafted but also handed down from generation to generation.

All three of these items make perfect gifts, and are a great way to treat yourself! The quality is sensational, and these pieces are timeless even after the years printed on them have passed by. And be sure to check out our entire collection of silver ornaments!