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Give The Gift Of Custom Barware From Silver Superstore

Bartending is challenging and fun, especially when company’s coming. Having the perfect utensils and glassware not only makes your drinks taste better, but it makes your guests feel pampered.

Take advantage of the vast selection of barware available from Silver Superstore. We have everything from tankards to mint julep cups to one-of-a-kind coasters. We even carry practical items such as jiggers, strainers and shakers made of high-quality stainless steel.

Are you prepared if someone requests a Moscow mule? This classic cocktail made of vodka, ginger beer and lime juice went out of vogue for several years, but it has recently made a comeback. Furthermore, there are at least a dozen new variations that call for gin, tequila, bourbon, Irish whiskey or even culinary ingredients like dried lavender.

In short, it may be time to stock up on copper Moscow mule mugs.


Why Our Mugs Are Superior

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Moscow Mule Copper Mug

Nothing is more warm and welcoming than copper. Its resplendent color catches the light like nothing else, and it has long been favored in kitchens and bars for its durability.

But is it safe to eat and drink from copper products? Copper is naturally present and beneficial in small quantities in the body, but overexposure can result in toxicity.

That’s why most of our copper mugs are lined with nickel. If you want to use them for drinking Moscow mules rather than for merely decorating, you are perfectly safe doing so.

Our quality mugs are available in several capacities. You may choose a hammered or smooth surface, and we offer tarnish-resistant finishes. We carry both stylized versions with flared lips and traditional, unembellished designs.

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Why Moscow Mules Should Be Served in Moscow Mule Mugs

Professional bartenders are notoriously fussy about the tools of their trade. They’re most persnickety of all about glassware. The drinking vessel can make or break the libation experience.

For instance, the long stem on a martini glass ensures that its contents stay frosty cold. The wide brim exposes the gin to air so that its botanicals are more evident, and the sloping sides nicely support an olive or onion garnish. Champagne flutes, having little surface area, prevent the wine’s bubbles from fizzing out too quickly. Moreover, the celebrant can witness the spectacle of the bubbles rising to the top of the flute.

In the same way, since its invention in the 1940s, the Moscow mule has been served in a handled copper mug because it contains a beer product. Beer is downright unpleasant if it’s not kept cold. Copper quickly takes on the icy temperature of the drink, and the mug’s handle prevents the drinker’s body temperature from warming it.

Psychological attachments may also come into play. The finest cognac on earth just doesn’t taste as good from a coffee cup as it does from a snifter. Today’s craft-cocktail enthusiasts might be more sophisticated than the Moscow mule’s original fans, but even they wouldn’t think of sipping this concoction from anything but a copper mug.

There are bar traditions that one simply doesn’t buck.

Gift Ideas

Our crystal decanters, dressy ice buckets, silver-plate wine goblets and countless other pieces make lovely gifts. All of our products are fashioned by the finest craftsmen in the world, and we offer custom engraving in a variety of designs to add lasting personal value.

Whether you’re collecting your own pieces or shopping for someone special in your life, our barware will be enjoyed for generations.