Hampton Forge: Modern Minimalism Meets Silverware

Hampton Forge Skandia Birch Mirror Stainless Steel Flatware

Well-crafted flatware is designed to last a lifetime. Hampton Forge cutlery sets are a great example of the ideal purchase for any household that wants to bring elegance and modernity into their dining space, while investing in pieces that will stand the test of time. 

The History of Hampton Forge

Hampton Forge is a beloved designer and vendor for sleek and elegant silverware that has been in business since 1990. Each product is specially crafted in their offices before heading to national stores and niche retailers. Their customers keep coming back because every collection offers incomparable quality, performance, and beauty.

However, they aren’t just industry business leaders; they are also creative experts who infuse passion, natural motifs, and everyday modern elements into their pieces. Hampton Forge flatware is the perfect brand for sophisticated households that also want practical flatware they can use on a daily basis to beautify their lives. 

Characteristics of the Flatware

You’ll know a piece is made by Hampton Forge because of its durability, strength, and undeniably polished look. When choosing flatware, Hampton Forge sets the precedent for anyone looking for a sleek, minimalist, and modern feel to their cutlery. 

You can find a range of collections that meet a wide variety of aesthetics. Choose from several selections suited for fine dining, everyday meals, or if you’re looking for something to make a statement, you can also find equally refined products in a range of trend-setting patterns and colors that pair with a myriad kitchen styles.

The Three Most Popular Collections

Hampton Forge offers a collection for all tastes. Each set is crafted and designed by advanced technology and with the dedication of generations of silversmiths and knife makers. Some of their most popular collections are the Skandia, Signature, and Tomodachi. 

The Skandia is a mix between contemporary style and casual elegance. Each piece in the set is inspired by nature. You’ll find lightly textured handles resembling the soft exterior of plants, as well as hammered pieces that reflect the beauty of light like ripples in a pond. By investing in one of these sets, you’ll have all you need for both more refined evenings and relaxed meals with loved ones. 

The Signature collection is brilliantly styled for everyday elevated living. The cutlery pairs the highest quality materials with fresh and modernist design elements crafted with the utmost attention to details. Whether you’re looking for round or square finished handles, satin or shiny finishings, unique bamboo textures, or lace frosted motifs, you can’t go wrong with the staple items from this collection. 

The Tomodachi collection was made for fun-lovers who want their kitchenware to truly stand out. These sets come in vibrant colors and patterns, yet remain refined in their clean and simple design. The masterful craftsmanship is never sacrificed for its beauty. Choose from quirky and whimsical colors like deep turquoise, marble, or natural wood. Each set is made from mirror-polished stainless steel and paired with geometric resin handles. By investing in this collection, you’ll always serve joy and beauty at every meal.