The History of The Moscow Mule

A Deeper Look At The Moscow Mule


If you enjoy drinks that stand out from the crowd in a powerful and eloquent way, you are probably wondering what you should try so that you can find your next favorite. Many drinks and recipes exist, and a lot of them have not been published, but when it comes to flavor, people from around the world agree that the Moscow Mule is in a class of its own.

Fans usually fall in love at the first sip, and you will likely feel the same way when you experience it for the first time. We are going to explore the history of this great drink, and you will likely be surprised by what you will discover.


Before we go into detail, you will want to learn about the ingredients that bartenders use to craft the Moscow Mule. Even though a lot of people have tried to replicate the drink, doing so is not always an easy task for those who are not experts.

Once your place the order, the bartender will mix vodka and ginger beer together, stirring gently to create the right consistency. He will then pour the mixture over ice, and to add extra flavor and a touch of style, the bartender will place a lemon on the side of the copper mug.


When you are looking for the history of the Moscow Mule, you likely expect to hear that the drink was invented in Russia, but you would be mistaken.

The Moscow Mule was born in New York but gets its name from the Chatham Hotel, which people know as Little Moscow.

Jack Morgan and a group of friends were sitting together and enjoying a few glasses a Vodka, and they had an idea. Even though their Vodka had an unbeatable taste, they wanted to find a way to make it even better.

In an effort to reach their goal, the group opted to add 2 ounces of ginger beer, but something was still missing. After a few minutes had passed, one of Morgan’s friends placed a lemon on the side of the mug. The friends then took turns tasting the new creation and knew that they had done the right thing.


Although most people prefer to drink the Moscow Mule over ice, a few individuals like to chill the drink and consume it without ice, which prevents the drink from getting diluted. You might want to try different combinations so that you can find the perfect flavor for your needs.

When you order the drink, it will usually come in a copper Moscow mule mug unless you ask for something different.

Final Thoughts

The Moscow Mule started off as an experiment by a group of friends and has become one of the most popular drinks in the world. If you have never tried it, you don’t know what you are missing.

Not only does the Moscow Mule taste great, but it also goes down smooth, making it ideal for any occasion. Few drinks have this much history behind them, and each sip will make you feel as though you are on top of the world.