How the Classic Wallace Candy Canes Have Evolved Throughout the Years

Two Christmas trees adorned with red and white stripped candy canes and Christmas ornaments

The Wallace candy cane ornament was originally introduced in 1981, with the brand releasing yearly editions of the treasured ornament over the past four decades. The ornaments in this series are recognizable for their gold-plated or sterling silver candy cane-shaped base and enamel design which changes each year. The history and tradition behind the Wallace candy cane ornament make it an incredible item for collectors to look forward to every holiday season. 

If you take a look down memory lane at how the Wallace Candy Cane ornaments have evolved over the years, you’ll recognize that each new year brings about a new and charming design featuring seasonal motifs and unique details. However, the brand’s dedication to thoughtful design and craftsmanship always shines through in each new design, as you will see below. 

In this post, we’ll highlight the six most recent Wallace Candy Cane ornaments so you can see how their designs evolve and change over the years.

2023 Candy Cane

Starting with the latest edition, the 43rd Wallace candy cane ornament in plated gold features red and green swirl ornaments in alternating colors intricately placed over the swirled red and green enameled background. Stamped on the back with the date, this ornament can be the newest addition to your collection or a beautiful gift to a loved one. 

2022 Candy Cane

Last year’s edition, the 2022 Wallace candy cane ornament, makes a wonderful keepsake and a beautiful addition to the treasured series. Plated in gold and made right here in the United States, this ornament features peaceful doves on a red and green enameled background with white enameled stripes. 

2021 Candy Cane

The charming 2021 Wallace candy cane ornament is one to remember, with small candy cane motifs set over a white enameled background with green enameled stripes. This is the 41st edition in the series, and just like all other editions, comes with a red ribbon for hanging and the year engraved on the back. 

2020 Candy Cane

Capping off four decades of the Wallace candy cane ornaments, the 2020 version is certainly a special keepsake as the 40th edition in the series. The 2020 gold-plated candy cane has a slightly different design than the others we have highlighted so far, with white star motifs featured over a red enameled background with small green diamond-shaped accents. There are slight “stripes” made from gold plating in this edition, but certainly not as prominent as what is seen in other versions. 

2019 Candy Cane

The 2019 Wallace candy cane ornament has a playful twist, easily recognizable by its Santa head pattern spanning the entire length of the candy cane. This charming ornament has a gorgeous green enameled background and alternating red and white enameled stripes throughout. Arriving in a gift box and velvet pouch, this is a must-have collector’s item from the Wallace candy cane ornament series. 

2018 Candy Cane

Finally, the 38th edition of the Wallace candy cane ornament from 2018 features a delightful Christmas bow motif in alternating red and green on a white and green enameled background with red enameled stripes. Made with plated gold, this ornament has the year engraved on the back. And, as with all Wallace items, this ornament is made by the most talented silversmiths in the United States.