How to Elevate the Aesthetic of Your Christmas Tree

Christmas morning. classic apartments with a white fireplace, decorated tree, bright sofa, large windows.

Do you want to refine the appearance of your Christmas tree this year? Simply choose some of the timeless details below for an easy fix!

Statement Tree Toppers

If you want to make your tree stand out, pick something different from an ordinary star as the final adornment. Some leave the top of their Christmas tree bare in order to achieve a more sophisticated look. However, there are many options to create that unique finishing touch, while maintaining maximum elegance. 

Stunning sterling silver tree toppers, like the Zhivago Tree Topper, are the perfect way to create a refined, yet festive, look. This Barret + Cornwall piece is inspired by Russian Orthodox cathedrals, royal robes, and spire silhouettes. With this long-lasting topper, you’ll have a stunning tree year after year. 

Mix Silver & Gold

Who says you can’t mix silver and gold? This combination can sometimes look off when the ornaments are not high quality, but with well-crafted pieces made from silver or gold plating, the effect is magical. 

Select silver ornaments that match your holiday theme like bells, angels, or stars and mix with unique gold ornaments like nutcrackers, candy canes, or crosses. The final effect creates a rich palette that elegantly reflects the tree’s lights. 

Don’t forget, you can personalize most ornaments with important dates, names, or even quotes to make your Christmas tradition even more special. 

Go Beyond Balls & Baubles

If you love ornate baubles in a variety of playful colors and designs, but still want a more sophisticated look, find higher quality balls and baubles to decorate your tree with this year. 

Our large selection of Christmas ornaments ranges from crystal, porcelain, brass, glass, and silver, and in a diverse assortment of motifs and shades. You don’t have to sacrifice any of the fun of traditional holiday themes when beautifying your tree this year.  

Create Variation

Typical trees are decorated with round balls, but incorporating new shapes, like icicle ornaments, can make the look of your tree more polished. 

Icicle ornaments by Barrett + Cornwall also can be found in a variety of motifs. Whether you want to stay on theme with Orthodox spires, or you prefer the traditional frozen icicle look, there is a blend of shapes and size options to add diversity and intrigue to your final look. 

Choose Upscale Items

If you are just beginning the journey to refining your holiday decorations this year, you can’t go wrong by investing in a few sterling silver ornaments

Even adding one or two silver ornaments to your tree elevates the feel, and most importantly, can remind you of important memories. Our large selection ensures you’ll find something exceptional for you and your loved ones to cherish. We supply some of the most popular silver manufacturers, so you know when you pick a piece, it is made to last. 

Silver ornaments also make excellent holiday gifts. When choosing your favorite item, you may like to give a matching commemorative ornament to a special person in your life. Select personal engravings for an additional thoughtful touch.