How to Update Traditional Flatware for the Holidays

Looking to branch out and try something new and fresh with your holiday gear this year? With just a few changes, you can transform your traditional setup into something with a modern flair that will impress all of your guests. 

Choose a Festive Color Palette for Your Table

Your color palette will determine the entire mood of your holiday table, so be sure to really consider what kind of style you’re going for before committing. 

Traditional reds and greens bring a cheerful, cozy feel, while elegant and subdued monochrome tones with touches of gold and silver can elevate the look. You can even try mixing and matching pastels or jewel tones for something unique and unexpected. 

Add Holiday-Themed Designs

A simple way to get in the spirit is by bringing out pieces with charming holiday motifs. If you’re looking for something festive, you can opt for traditional Christmas trees or gift engravings, or go for something more subtle and seasonal such as snowflakes or holly berries. 
Bring out fresh berries, garlands, or pinecones as a centerpiece to emphasize the look and bring a natural, authentic feel to the theme. You can pair this with your holiday flatware to complete the look.

If you want something even more muted, choose flatware with interesting shapes and details like curved handles or fine detailing patterns. Anything out of the ordinary will help mark the occasion and help frame your holiday meals with style and grace.

Use Metallic Touches for a Y2K Glam Look

If you’re wanting to try out a glitz and glamor setup this year, why not layer different bold textures? Mix hammered metal, etched glass, and even vintage pieces for an eclectic 2000s aesthetic. Don’t worry about clashing silver, gold, or rose gold, instead have fun with it! Show off your one-of-a-kind pieces as a fun conversation starter during the festivities. 

Personalize Your Flatware

Celebrating with your closest loved ones this year, or celebrating something special? Surprise your guests with personalized pieces. Christofle offers high-quality silver plates and flatware with intricate detailing inspired by the elegance of French chateaus. 

Both the Christofle Albi Silver Plate Flatware and Christofle Albi Acier Stainless Flatware can be engraved with your initials or even your family crest for the perfect generational gift meant to last a lifetime. Why not infuse your flatware with meaning and memories before passing them down?

Store Them in a Special Holiday-Themed Box or Case

If you want to make bringing out the holiday flatware an ultra-special occasion, consider buying pieces stored in a beautifully crafted seasonal casing. Casing like flatware chests adds that extra special touch to the holiday season. They are a reminder of the uniqueness of the holiday being celebrated, as well as the sentimental value of the flatware stored.

Whether stored in a carefully crafted chest or alternative casing, it is important to protect your flatware used for special occasions. Allow your flatware to be protected year-round without the concern of tarnishing through airborne sulfur with storage bags from Hagarty Silver Keepers and Reed and Barton. 
Use drawer liners that will allow your flatware to stay shiny, organized, tarnish-free, and ready for immediate use. For a more contemporary storage approach and ready use, consider the 3-Piece Ceramic Caddy for easy transport to the dinner table or buffet. Whether for year-long protection or immediate accessibility, secure the longevity of your flatware with a holiday-themed box or case.