Luxury Christmas Ornaments for High-End Holiday Decor

Are you looking to elevate your Christmas tree’s look this year? Instead of plastic baubles, we suggest searching for long-lasting, high-quality material ornaments that still give the same fun and festive feel to your home. 

Crystal Ornaments

Upgrade your tree with beautiful crystal ornaments that match nearly any decor, making them excellent gifts as well. Each sparkling piece will reflect your Christmas lights beautifully and bring a peaceful glow to the room. 

One of the most popular models includes the Swarovski Winter Sparkle Ornament. This piece would look divine on any tree. Crafted with 110 crystal facets, it literally glows and sparkles when exposed to the light! It also includes its own white satin ribbon for the utmost sophisticated look while hanging.

Another item with a similar style is the Waterford Snowcrystal Ornament.  It is redesigned each year as part of their holiday traditional collection. This year’s piece is a stunning and unique crystal carved with elegant swirls and fractals. Commemorate 2022 with this tasteful piece that comes with a white ribbon and round tag engraved with the year. 

If you love the look of traditional ornaments, but want something with a twist. The Time Square Ball Ornament is the perfect match. Created to resemble the Time Square ball, the intricately carved crystal by Waterford this piece brings in both the festivities of Christmas and New Year’s into one.

Sterling Silver Ornaments

If your decor centers around silver pieces, there is a wide selection of ornaments that feature exquisite festive designs. They also make excellent gifts, because most come with the option for personalized engravings to commemorate any special moment or person!

We suggest marking the year with 2022 Gorham Annual Tree. This ornament resembles the charming and classic tree you’d see in any storybook, with adorable winter-themed motifs like hats, stockings, candy canes, and a beautiful star donned on top. Made with heirloom sterling silver, this sixth edition in Gorham’s series is a perfect ornament for anyone looking for a classical piece that can be passed down through the generations.

Gold Ornaments

If you’re searching for shimmering gold to light up your tree, you’ll love these high-quality gold-plated silver ornaments that are both stunning and highly affordable!

For traditional Christmas lovers, the Wallace Gold Plate Candy Cane is a crowd favorite. With more than 40 editions under its belt, this series is obviously beloved. Pieces like this one feature jolly designs and colors like red and green alongside the gold accents. Each has memorable winter motifs like snowflakes, doves, or bows. Buy more than one to truly give your tree a harmonious and cheerful look. 

Jeweled Ornaments

Add another layer of shimmer and sparkle to your decor by using jeweled ornaments that come in a variety of shapes and colors. 

You can even match you or your loved ones’ birthstones to the ornaments for an even more personalized feel with the Salisbury Birthstone Angel Collection. Buy one angel for each member of your family, or buy one for someone very special in your life!

If you’re looking for something more classic, check out the Lenox Silver Plate Jeweled Snowflake. This lovely decoration is crafted with red, blue, and green crystals, contrasting the smooth silver plating. This piece isn’t dated, so it’s really a quality and timeless piece you can enjoy on any tree, every year!