Why Moscow Mules Come In Copper Mugs

Why Are Moscow Mules Served In Copper Mugs?

The Moscow Mule is a simple yet popular mixed drink. It consists of lime juice, vodka and ginger beer. This beverage first appeared in 1941, according to The New York Times. It succeeded in greatly boosting the demand for both vodka and copper mugs. You can find several reasons to serve a Moscow Mule in this type of cup.

Extra Cold 

Beverages feel colder if you drink them from copper vessels. The metal’s temperature immediately drops when someone adds a cool liquid and ice cubes to a mug. Consequently, the drink seems particularly refreshing. Cocktail enthusiasts have recognized this advantage of copper for hundreds of years.


This material doesn’t only create a chilly sensation. It also insulates the beverage from warm air. Your Moscow Mule will remain as cold as possible, and the ice cubes won’t dilute it by melting too soon. The insulating effect benefits drinkers who venture outdoors on hot summer days or sip cocktails in rooms that lack air conditioning.


Copper can make vodka, lime juice and ginger beer somewhat more flavorful. Changes occur as the ingredients come in contact with a frigid mug. The metal causes lime to seem less acidic and bolsters the citrus flavor. Meanwhile, oxidization improves how the vodka tastes. These benefits combine to enhance the ginger beer’s spiciness as well.


The mugs have a few minor effects on the body’s other senses. They mildly increase this cocktail’s appealing fragrance. A copper vessel boosts carbonation as well; the metal often causes ginger beer to produce more bubbles. Fizz helps deliver alcohol to the body more quickly, so you might not need as much vodka to achieve the same intoxicating effect.


Copper is an essential nutrient. Although more clinical trials are needed to truly confirm its medical benefits, this metal has the potential to enhance your health. It may slow skin aging and fight inflammation, according to Yoga Digest. This material could also prevent weight gain by helping the body burn fat more rapidly. However, keep in mind that ginger beer contains plenty of sugar.

Fights Germs

Several studies have proven the antimicrobial advantages of this metal. Copper eliminates numerous germs, so you’ll be less likely to fall ill when bacteria remains in the mug after you wash it. This will also give you some peace of mind if a fellow drinker sneezes. The vodka in your Moscow Mule helps kill harmful microbes as well.


These mugs normally feature handles. They empower you to keep a tight grip on your beverage rather than holding a slippery, wet glass or ceramic vessel. Another advantage is that the handle conveniently separates your warm hand from the cold beverage and ice cubes.


Everyone has broken a glass or two, especially while drinking cocktails. Copper mug manufacturers frequently use a combination of copper and tin, stainless steel or nickel. A few products only consist of copper. Either way, metal construction makes them much less vulnerable to breakage than glass or even ceramic.


These attractive mugs will add to the enjoyability of your drinking experience and turn it into a special occasion. After all, it’s a time-honored tradition to serve Moscow Mules in copper vessels. If you saw a copper mug and didn’t like how it looked, be sure to check out similar products. The mugs come in different styles that suit a wide range of personal preferences; shapes, handle designs, textures and imprints vary.

You may wonder how someone invented the Moscow Mule and discovered the complementary benefits of these mugs. This happened some time after John Martin bought the Smirnoff vodka business. He visited a Hollywood pub and told owner Jack Morgan that he couldn’t sell much vodka. Morgan said he was having difficulty selling ginger beer, and an unnamed woman complained that no one would buy her copper mugs. They put all three items together and added some lime; the rest is history.

Whatever the reason for it, a copper Moscow mule mug from SilverSuperstore makes every drink a delight. And don’t forget about custom engraving!