Must-Have Tools & Cookware for Beginner Grillmasters

Summer is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: grilling season is here. One of the most rewarding feelings is inviting over all your family and friends for some good ol’ grilling. See, back in the days grilling was much more simplistic, but over the years its become a sort of art form for many.

However, if you’re new to the craft, you might be a little intimidated and or unaware of the essential tools to do the job right. Worry no more, the following are a list of the essential grilling tools you will need to do a proper job this summer.

Gourmet Grill Pan

Gourmet Grillware Chef Pan

Gourmet Grillware Chef Pan

Able to withstand heat over 1000°F, a gourmet grill pan provides a person with the ability to keep their foods heated for a longer duration. Your food might come out perfect, but if you can’t keep it heated, then what’s the point? Utilizing the features of this gourmet grill pan will no doubt expand the variety of foods you can provide to your friends and family without the issue of having it go cold.

Our gourmet grillware chef pan is ideal for this purpose.

Long-Handled Spatula

A staple of grilling tradition has always been the spatula. However, over the years, this simple tool has gone through extensive changes for the better. Spatulas are an essential tool due to their frequent use and importance to the condition of your food. We highly suggest a long-handled spatula that will keep the heat away from your hands and can easily slide under your food without totally destroying it.

Meat Thermometer

Although some seasoned cooks will claim that they know when their food is ready simply by looking at the condition of the meat, you’re not entirely there yet. One of the most overlooked tools when grilling is a meat thermometer that can tell you when your food is ready for consumption. The last thing you want to do is give your family and friends undercooked meat that can cause sickness.

Griddle with Handles

Square Griddle with Handles

Square Griddle with Handles

Those with big families understand the importance of being able to cook as much food as possible. However, this often means constantly using the grill and getting it dirtier each time you use it. A griddle allows one to place the pan over the heated surface and provide the griller with the opportunity to cook food such as burgers. The handles attached to the griddle also provide you with the freedom to directly pass out the meat patties onto the table as quick as possible.

Use our square griddle with handles for the most elegant presentation of your freshly-grilled patties.

Grill Brush

Last but not least is the grill brush. One of the most important things to do after every cookout is to clean the grill thoroughly. Cleaning your grill after every use is one of the most important things to do in order to not only keep your food healthy to eat but also to maintain and extend the life of your grill. The best way to use a grill brush is to first pre-heat it for about 10 to 15 minutes. This will allow your cleaning process to go a lot smoother and will also aid in removing any excess food particles from your previous cookout.


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