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The Top Christofle Silverware Patterns in 2024

Beautiful mirror finished beaded sterling flatware set by Christofle on a white background.

If you’re looking for luxury sterling silverware, you can start and stop your search with Christofle. Founded by jeweler Charles Christofle in 1830, this company knows a thing or two about the finer things in life. Since the brand’s inception, they have been the symbol of all things luxury and elegant, and owning one of their incredible sterling silverware sets is an important milestone for many collectors. Take a look below as we highlight the top Christofle Silverware patterns you can find on our website right now. 

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Best Deals from the Silver Superstore Annual Ornament Sale

Christmas presents, ornaments, and fake snow on a red background

The holiday season may have just ended, but now is the perfect time to take advantage of Silver Superstore’s massive ornament sale to help you prepare for next year. Right now on our website, you can find most of the incredible, intricately crafted, and high-quality ornaments at a reduced price. Go ahead and take a look for yourself, and take a look below as we highlight some of our favorite ornaments included in the sale. 

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How the Classic Wallace Candy Canes Have Evolved Throughout the Years

Two Christmas trees adorned with red and white stripped candy canes and Christmas ornaments

The Wallace candy cane ornament was originally introduced in 1981, with the brand releasing yearly editions of the treasured ornament over the past four decades. The ornaments in this series are recognizable for their gold-plated or sterling silver candy cane-shaped base and enamel design which changes each year. The history and tradition behind the Wallace candy cane ornament make it an incredible item for collectors to look forward to every holiday season. 

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6 Best Flatware Patterns from Top-Rated Gorham

A shiny, mirror finished, 5pc flatware serving set by Gorham on white background.

Gorham is among the top-rated silverware and flatware brands, known for its high-end silverware, heavyweight, and sophisticated patterns. As one of the top choices for flatware, they have a number of patterns and styles available to match anyone’s personal preferences. Below, we’re highlighting the brand’s top six stainless flatware patterns to consider adding to your collection. 

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Black Friday Holiday Sale: Special Offers on Select Sterling Flatware

A rustic set of flatware wrapped with a red ribbon with a white and red ornament adorning it.

This holiday season, you can save big on top silver flatware brands like Wallace, Gorham, Towle, and International Silver Co. by shopping the Lifetime Sterling flatware sale at Silver Superstore. We are offering special deals on select patterns from these brands so you can upgrade your silverware ahead of the busy holiday season. 

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2023 Christmas Flatware and China

Christmas trees light up the room behind a table set with fine gold rimmed china.

Each holiday season, families gather around the dining table to share Christmas traditions and reflect on warm memories together. To elevate the experience, the following Christmas china and flatware collections beautifully encapsulate the magic of the season. Take a look at some of the top designs that make for a truly memorable and festive holiday dining experience. 

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2023 Christmas Bells to Celebrate the Holiday Season

A silver bell ornament inscribed with 2023 hanging in front of a green tree.

As we prepare for the upcoming holiday season, one timeless tradition that never loses its charm is decorating the Christmas tree. There’s no better way to elevate your tree’s beauty and elegance than with the glimmering allure of silver bells. Continue reading below as we highlight the top 2023 silver Christmas bells that you can find here at Silver Superstore.

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The Best Non-Dated Ornaments for Timeless Christmas Decorating

Gold and Silver Christmas ornaments with gold chain and amber lights on a dark green Christmas Tree.

The leaves are just starting to fall, but that doesn’t mean you have to put off any thoughts of Christmas decorating until December. At Silver Superstore, we have an amazing collection of Non-Dated Ornaments for you to choose from. Although we have plenty of annually-released Christmas ornaments that collectors and enthusiasts look for each year, our non-dated Christmas ornaments are made in classic and timeless designs that never go out of style. So when you’re looking for ornaments that you can enjoy year after year, continue reading below as we highlight our best-sellers. 

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Top Couzon Flatware Sets to Add to Your Collection

Mirror finish 5 Piece Place Setting with a knife, forks, and spoons by Couzon.

Couzon is a revered European flatware brand, known for its distinct shape and styling. They are one of the premier continental-sized silverware brands, characterized by the high quality and weightiness of the pieces. But Couzon doesn’t just make weighty silverware for the sake of it; rather, the heaviness of their flatware owes to the superior quality of their pieces that give off an authentic luxurious feel. 

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