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Reed & Barton: A History Of Beautiful Design

For nearly two centuries, the name Reed & Barton has been synonymous with superior craftsmanship and timeless elegance. The company is family-owned and is one of the oldest silversmiths in the U.S. It is largely known for its popular flatware patterns, but it manufactures hundreds of other items that delight collectors or become cherished family heirlooms.

A History in Silver

Reed & Barton was founded under another name in Massachusetts in 1824. Its earliest products were made of Britannia metal, a pewter alloy appreciated for its smooth, silvery finish. Many are surprised to learn that the Oscar statuette is made of Britannia dipped in gold. In subsequent years, Reed & Barton designers expanded their skills with pewter, silverplate and sterling silver.

In 1858, when silver was discovered in Nevada, Reed & Barton capitalized on the increased demand for solid pieces. Not only was silver durable and pleasing to the eye, but it was easy to melt down and convert to currency during hard times.

Almost since Reed & Barton came into existence, its products have fascinated collectors and sparked the interest of history buffs.

During the Civil War, the company produced weapons for Union troops. Its artisans have created whimsical pieces such as napkin rings that depict all kinds of animals. An elaborately carved 87-piece serving set barely escaped sinking along with the USS Arizona during World War II; the Navy removed the set from the battleship before its Pearl Harbor tour of duty.

The manufacturer has crafted trophies and cups for winners across a wide range of sports. Victors at the Summer Olympics in Atlanta were decorated with medals made by Reed & Barton.

Setting a Reed & Barton Table

Reed & Barton still produces bowls designed by Paul Revere and flatware inspired by 18th-century cabinetmaker Thomas Chippendale. However, the company’s willingness to evolve with changing tastes is one reason for its staying power. The 1958 mid-century modern Diamond silverware pattern, which was designed by Italian architect Gio Ponti, is a perfect example.

Reed & Barton’s other sterling silver flatware and stainless flatware designs are equally stunning and diverse. Francis I sterling flatware is so detailed that it took the designer three years to complete the original set. Each handle in Francis I features one of 15 different clusters of fruit and flowers.

For everyone from seasoned collectors to modern brides, Reed & Barton provides endless choices. Consider dressing up your holiday table with beautiful pieces of the finest silver.

The Magic of a Reed & Barton Christmas

Reed & Barton creations seem to be at their most lustrous during the holidays. Nothing enhances a Christmas tree or evergreen garland quite like the glimmer of silver.

The silver-plated annual Christmas bell is an exquisite addition to any ornament collection. The piece is simple in design and embossed with “Christmas 2017” in classic italicized font. The bell’s highly polished finish catches the twinkling of lights or the warm glow of a fire to gorgeous effect. It is 3 inches tall and 2 ½ inches across the base, and it comes with a red velvet ribbon and special gift box.

Are you groping for original gift ideas? Our Reed & Barton collection will inspire you. We have your unique baby gift, stocking stuffer or memento for that special someone in your life. Here are just a few possibilities:



Choose from a wide variety of classic or unusual scripts to add an engraved message. Personalized engraving will make your gift a treasured keepsake for years to come. We also offer engraved gift tags.

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or helping a loved one start a tradition, Reed & Barton collectibles endure and inspire joy for generations.