Refresh Your Home Office with These Dazzling Accents

Scandinavian inspired office with cement wall, bright yellow chair

So, you have now spent over a year working from home due to the pandemic. Your home office is starting to look a little jaded and uninspiring, and you feel like working from that particular room is no longer a pleasure.

Fortunately, there are a few small additions you can make to your home office that will breathe some new life into the space. Accent pieces can bring a different focus to the room, while keeping your workspace functional. 

Need some motivation? Try a silver picture frame

Is your desk lacking a personal touch? Family photos can be a great reminder of why you spend time at work each day. Consider taking your most treasured picture of loved ones and placing it on your desk within a sterling silver picture frame

These frames can be engraved with a personal message that keeps you motivated in your home office. Procrastination will rarely be an issue again when you take a moment to reflect on the supportive people in your life.

Crystal vases for flowers

If your meeting table is looking pretty empty, that is nothing a delicate crystal vase couldn’t solve. With designs from the likes of Vera Wang and Waterford, you can place some fresh flower inside one of these crystal vases for a stunning accent piece.

Immediately, this will add some drama to your home office space. Not to mention the benefits of fresh flowers! Indoor plants can be very beneficial to mental health, reducing stress levels and improving mood. Specifically, working with plants has been shown to boost creativity and provide a therapeutic influence in times of stress.

Charming crystal clocks 

Looking for a timepiece to keep track of your hours more efficiently? You can’t go wrong with a beautiful crystal clock. These are a must-have for any home office. 

Whether you’re battling towards a strict deadline or indulging in some clock-watching, a wonderful timepiece makes for a classic accent that turns any home office into a sophisticated workspace.

Engraved trophies and awards

Are you going to pick up some awards that you are proud of? Perhaps your kids have collected some accolades that need to be displayed in pride of place? Our selection of trophies can be engraved with any message and come in a variety of styles. 

From sports trophies to recognition at work, your home office space can only be elevated by the presence of personal awards. They will provide you another reason to stay focused and continue a high standard of work!

Other accents for your home office

Still on the lookout for some ideas to freshen up your home office space? Take a look at our biggest silver decor trends for 2021. Here are a couple of ideas that might suit your home office:

  • A sterling silver bowl for storing items like business cards, stationery and other office miscellaneous.