Refreshing Independence Day Cocktails

Eight Refreshing Cocktails For Your Classy July 4th BBQ

If you are looking to make your Fourth of July gathering red, white and boozy, you need the right barware and drink recipes. Summer cocktails should be light, fun and classy. Here are a few ideas to inspire you.

Blue Sparkler

This drink should be served on ice. Use thick ice cubes to add some white coloring to the drink. To mix the drink, combine a cup of UV Blue, a cup of mango Absolut vodka and two cans of your favorite lemon-lime soda. Add a drop of blue food coloring for a vibrant color. Drop a few cherries in the drink to garnish it, and you can add a splash of grenadine if you wish. For ultimate visual appeal, serve it in a crystal Double Old Fashioned glass from Crystal by Godinger.

Red, White and Blue Sangria

For this drink, mix a bottle of white wine with one-half cup each of simple syrup, berry vodka and lemon juice. Add a cup of triple sec. Cut fresh pineapple slices into star shapes with a sharp knife. You can use a small cookie cutter as a guide if you have one. Put the slices in the pitcher, and add some blueberries and strawberry slices. Chill before serving. This refreshing cocktail looks stunning in a crystal pitcher such as the Serenity pitcher made by Nambe.

Independence Day Splash

You can make this cocktail two ways. You will need three shots of rum and the juice of one lemon as a base. Add either two shots of blue curacao or two shots of cherry schnapps to the base mix. Shake with ice. Put the drink in a classic martini glass such as the Maxi made by Ravenscroft Crystal. You can decorate the rim with colored sugar. Use red sugar if you make blue drinks, and use the blue sugar for red drinks.

All-American Slush

This frozen drink tastes as refreshing as it looks. You will need plenty of ice and a good blender that can crush it. First, blend a cup of red grenadine with a few cups of ice or a little more if needed. The mixture must be thick. Pour it carefully into a glass. Next, blend a cup of blue curacao with a few cups of ice until it is thick. Slowly pour it over the red layer to avoid mixing the two. Lastly, blend a cup of lemonade and a cup of vodka with several cups of ice until somewhat thick. Pour it carefully on top, and garnish with a cherry. This drink looks exquisite in a trendy glass such as the Highball Tilt made by Nambe.

Firecracker Shots

These are simple, quick and delicious. Melt a small package of light cream cheese. Add one-half cup of sugar and two pints of cream. Blend together until smooth. Chill the mixture, and chill a bottle of cinnamon schnapps. Fill shot glasses halfway with cinnamon schnapps, and add some cream mixture until they are nearly full. Use a toothpick or a butter knife to make a swirl pattern in the drink. These drinks look exceptionally classy in copper shot glasses such as the Hammered design made by Mikasa.

Patriotic Punch

Every party needs punch. You can make elegant punch by sprucing up your ice cubes and serving the punch in an appealing container. First, make plenty of ice cubes. Put a few blueberries and some white edible flowers in each liquid cube. You can use white ginger flowers or neem blossoms. For the punch, use three parts watermelon puree and one part tequila. Add about a cup of lime juice. If the punch is not sweet enough, add agave nectar as needed. Mix this with a bottle of seltzer. Alternately, you can use a lemon-lime soda product of your choice if you prefer not to use agave nectar. For a look that suits the holiday without sacrificing elegance, serve the punch in a silver tub such as a steel double-wall tub made by Towle.

Cherry Bombs

Guests who do not want to carry a drink may enjoy this refreshing alternative. Use pitted cherries with stems to avoid a mess. Soak the cherries in cherry vodka overnight. If you prefer sweeter fruit, use cherry schnapps instead. Set the cherries on a paper towel to dry, and melt half a bag of white chocolate chips in a pan with a tablespoon of cream. Dip the cherries in the white chocolate, and sprinkle blue sugar or Pop Rocks on them immediately. To accentuate their visual appeal, put the cherries in an elegant flute such as a long-stem crystal flute from Ravenscroft Crystal.

Raspberry Freedom

This recipe is especially delicious if you make ice cubes with whole sweet raspberries and mint leaves in them. For the drink, mix one part lime vodka and two parts blue raspberry schnapps. Add lime juice to your taste preference. Serve the drink on ice in an ornate glass such as the Dublin goblet from Crystal by Godinger.

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If you want something more familiar this year, how about a refreshing Moscow Mule? And have you ever wondered why it comes in a copper mug?