Salisbury Silver Personalized & Engraved Gift Guide

Salisbury silver gift guide.

Known for over 40 years as the pioneer of silver gifts, Salisbury is beloved for its classic designs and unique catalog. From children’s toys and silver to fine drinkware for adults, the vast possibilities are only further enhanced by the addition of an engraved message. 

With their timeless aesthetic and personalizability, Salisbury gifts easily achieve heirloom status among those they are gifted to.

For Baby & Child

It’s hard to find the right gift for a baby shower, christening, or baby’s first birthday. Though practical and functional gifts go a long way for parents, that doesn’t mean they have to be lacking in sentimentality. 

A silver baby rattle certainly makes an impression, but it is just as functional as any rattling infant toy. It is a great gift for the active and playful baby, and can be engraved with the baby’s name or date of birth so it makes for a customized keepsake. 

Looking for something a little more unique and understated? Salisbury silver engraved baby cups could be used for special occasions, or as a stunning decor item in the baby’s nursery. Historically, these cups signified wishes of health or prosperity for the baby.

Silver infant feeders are also popular for a gift that provides utility as well. While they are a pretty keepsake after the child has grown, silver baby spoons are actually quite practical for everyday use. The silver gives the baby a teething surface that won’t break down and helps the gums recede as the teeth come in. This reduces the pain and swelling that comes with teething.

For Adults

Personalized silver goblets can be used to celebrate so many different occasions. A pair of engraved silver goblets is an elegant wedding gift, as well as a commemorative gift for anniversaries. Personalized goblets are also great gifts for 21st birthdays and other milestones.

The mint julep cup is the perfect nostalgic addition to anyone’s collection, given special attention during the Kentucky Derby each year. These mint julep cups work great as commemorative cups that are placed in your glass display cabinets. Any milestone can be celebrated with these cups, each engraved with the commemorative event and the person of honor. Graduations are a great time to give a personalized gift such as this.

And much more!

You want to give the new parents in your life something that will last forever to celebrate the new addition to their family. There is an entire catalog of Salisbury silver children’s gifts that you can get for toddlers going through teething, including a teething ring with a silver rattle within. Older children moving into or graduating from kindergarten will enjoy a commemorative gift of a simple engraved silver jewelry box.