Silver Flatware For 2018

Kick Off The New Year With Silver Superstore

People around the world love ringing in a new year, and depending on where they live, they have unusual ways of doing it.

Scotland has a first-footer tradition. The first person to enter a home after the clock strikes midnight is expected to bring good luck all year. In China, a splendid silk dragon leads a big parade. People throw firecrackers to rouse the creature from hibernation. Thai celebrants release fish into the river to commit to a year of kindness.

American traditions aren’t as ancient or colorful, but count on watching the ball drop in Times Square, singing “Auld Lang Syne” and kissing your sweetie at midnight.

There’s no better year than 2018 to start a flatware collection or round out an existing one. Browse our impressive gallery to choose from hundreds of patterns crafted by the world’s finest silversmiths. From familiar classics to sleek modern designs, we offer something for every taste.


Oneida has been delighting customers since 1880. Its designs are some of the most diverse in the industry, and Oneida places great emphasis on weight and balance for comfort.

Apollonia – This design is a subtle nod to classic Greek. The embellishment is distinctive without being overly ornate. At half the original price or less, it’s a great value for stainless steel.

Boutonniere – The mirrored finish is accented with a timeless floral design that complements candlelit dinners and brunches alike.

Chef’s Table – Getting an ultramodern look is as simple as choosing this unpretentious Chef’s Table design. Its high-luster finish and full-bodied handle give it an enduring appeal.

Reed & Barton

This manufacturer has been perfecting the craft for close to 188 years, and its distinguished artisans are just as finicky about quality materials as they were in the old days.

18th Century – The 46-year-old perennial favorite has a glossy finish, graceful curves and a perfectly proportioned fluted handle.

Burgundy – The ornate Burgundy pattern, harking back to the French renaissance, holds nothing back. Leaves, flowers and scrolls evoke the opulence of the Old World.

Pointed Antique – This faithful reproduction of Paul Revere’s design debuted in 1895 and is still going strong. The lightly brushed finish highlights the rich history behind the pattern and enhances the feeling of permanence.


A jewelry workshop in France was reinvented when Charles Christofle took over in 1830. Prominent artists and designers who have collaborated with Christofle include Man Ray, Jean Cocteau and Gio Ponti.

L’Ame De Christofle – Tapered handles and sensuous curves distinguish this eye-catching design, which has contemporary chic written all over it. Go all out at dessert with the espresso stirrer and ice-cream spoon.

Essentiel – This practical, innovative set transitions easily from formal to casual and from indoor to outdoor. A smart, space-saving storage cannister is made of stainless steel and neutral-colored oak. We offer Essentiel at significant savings.

Osiris – The unique Osiris pattern, in high-quality stainless steel, evokes the exotic papyrus stalks lining the Nile. Ancient Egyptians revered Osiris as the god of regeneration, so starting your collection just after New Year’s Day is especially fitting.


Fortessa is famous for innovation and refusing to take shortcuts. All of its products stand out not only for their striking appearance but for quality and durability.

Doria – Fluted lines flare ever so slightly to a banded handle for a refined, elegant look. The ergonomic design was created with comfort and balance in mind.

Lucca Faceted – One of the most unusual patterns in our collection is a top-seller. The jewel cut catches the light to add a spark of drama to both formal and informal tables.

Dragonfly – The daintily sculpted dragonfly pieces, with their plain narrow handles and unusual teardrop bowls, stir faint sentiments of the Far East.

This is just a small sampling of our vast flatware collection. We also carry Towle, Wallace, Mikasa, Ralph Lauren and dozens of other famous makers. Take advantage of outstanding limited-time sales, and remember that most patterns are suitable for custom engraving. Just choose from our wide selection of scripts, and add the service to your shopping cart.

Ring in 2018 with future generations in mind. Start a collection that your family will treasure for years to come.