Silver Serving Trays: A Centerpiece for Every Table

Silver Serving Tray

Silver Serving Trays

Hosting a holiday meal, a gala for clients, or a summer brunch on the deck of a lakeside home can be made all the more sublime with accouterments that highlight your own style. Your personal refinement will be revealed to your guests when you gracefully wand gravy across rich meats with an embossed silver ladle, deftly pour Lady Grey tea into the delicate cups of an ornate tea set, or carry in afternoon mimosas in crystal flutes on a silver serving tray. The serving pieces that make a party or event feel special have never gone out of style.


One of the most versatile pieces of a serving set is the silver serving tray. When serving drinks, a serving tray is perfect for bringing guests beverages, allowing you to visit with each guest individually. It can then be run back to the kitchen to be refilled with a second round of beverages. Hors d’oeuvres can also be a perfect use of a serving tray.

Delightfully displayed in the center of the table, no guest will be able to resist taking a nibble of an anchovy crostini, a prosciutto and ricotta roll, or a cucumber sandwich. Of course, the traditional use of the serving tray – to bring in the Thanksgiving turkey or the Christmas ham with great fanfare – makes the serving tray a must-have piece for any serving set.

Diverse Style

When planning your table, a diversity of styles for serving trays is currently available. Your choice of silver serving tray will immediately set the tone, be it classical elegance or modern vibrancy. Silver Superstore provides the range of styles you need for a perfect event.

Chippendale Trays by Salisbury convey the classic appeal of the family heirloom, while the Vertigo Large Round Serving Tray by Christofle exudes the modern curves and neat lines popular today in homes and restaurants alike. Burgundy by Reed & Barton Oval Tray is perfect for a more ornate setting, while the Silver Time Silver-Plate Rectangular Serving Tray by Christofle exalts simplicity at its finest.

Perfect Gifts

Silver serving trays can also be lovely gifts for noteworthy anniversaries, weddings, or successfully closing on a client contract. Engraving the piece for the occasion will make it an item to be treasured for years to come. Serving pieces such as these are more than just useful, they are an expression of yourself.