Sip in Style with Silver Drinkware this St. Patty’s Day

A strong hammered silver drinking pitcher

With St. Patrick’s Day right around the corner, you better be upgrading your drinkware collection to match the spirit. With thousands crawling the bars to celebrate the Irish festival with a bang, you better deliver in style. Yes, decorating items, green party accessories are huge, but upgrading your St. Patty’s Day bar with silver drinkware will take you even to the next level. 

If you’re hoisting an Irish-themed event at your bar or planning a private party, elevate the atmosphere with custom silver drinkware. There’s no need to get a lot of new items. All you have to do is focus on drinkware to serve the must-have drinks during the ultimate Irish festival. 

Cool Silver Drinkware to Elevate St. Patrick’s Day Decor

St. Patrick’s Day is synonymous with bar crawls, home parties, and tons of festivities to celebrate. It’s also the perfect timing to introduce new cool drinks to your bar’s repertoire.

Fun St. Patty’s Day cocktails include the popular green beer, a Dublin apple cocktail, whiskey tonic, Guinness and green Jell-O shots, and obviously, some Irish coffee. 

Still, to serve these delicious drinks in style, you better match them to cool silver drinkware that will make this year’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration one to remember. 


Silver tankards channel an old-school Irish vibe. These big mugs have been around since the 17th century. They’re great for serving beer or ale. Choose the large 16oz size for serving everyone’s favorite green beer. Or, opt for the smaller 5oz size for some delicious hot toddy or offer some cool-looking beer samples. 

Beer Steins

Silver beer mugs draw inspiration from the traditional tankard with a bit of a modern upgrade. They’re perfect for keeping beers at the perfect temperature. Plus, the sturdy handle helps people keep their drink where they want it: in their hands. These silver beer mugs can hold up to 20oz, so you can use them to serve a fun Guinness, and green Jell-O shot drink. 

Moscow Mule Mugs

Don’t be fooled by the name of these mugs. While traditionally, the Moscow Mule Mug serves, well, a Moscow Mule cocktail, there’s so much more you can do with it. Our stainless Moscow Mule Mugs have the perfect capacity to fill a classic green margarita and a Whiskey ginger mule, which goes a bit more with the St. Patty’s Day-theme. 


Is there anything that exemplifies St. Patrick’s Day more than a silver flask? Surprise everyone with our silver stainless steel flasks and celebrate in style. These are perfect for giving out as party gifts or have around for guests. Flasks are perfect for storing hard-liquors like that Irish whiskey everyone’s hoping to get on St. Patrick’s Day. 

Mint Julep Cups

The classic Mint Julep Cup used to be a centerpiece, and then it was used to serve water. In this St. Patrick’s Day celebration, you can use them to serve green shots. The mint julep cocktail is already the ultimate Irish-theme cocktail with its light green tint and its fresh mint leaves as decor. For such a fancy drink, once the go-to cocktail at the Kentucky Derby, you must serve it in top-notch silver drinkware.