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Creating a Casual Thanksgiving with Sabre Bistro Flatware


While Thanksgiving is traditionally one of the most formal meals of the year, it doesn’t have to be that way. While sophisticated decor can be beautiful, a more casual look can foster an even warmer and intimate feeling between you and your guests. If you’re looking for a setup that is relaxed enough to feel ultra-comfortable, but still marks the specialness of the occasion, there are many ways to make it happen! 

How to Create a More Casual Tablescape

Luckily, many brands have caught on to the casual-chic trend popping up on family dinner tables all around the country. Now it’s easier than ever to find the perfect dining set, flatware, and decor that best represents your family and loved ones. 

When it comes to the easygoing look, try to keep the colors, materials, and decorative items as natural and simple as possible. By combining these three elements, you can easily make an unforgettable informal table setting.

Use the Sabre Bistro Vintage Set

One of the best pairings for your Thanksgiving meal is the Sabre Bistro Vintage Set. This set is designed to resemble your favorite neighborhood cafe or restaurant and capture the feeling of sitting out on a terrace and watching the world go by, all while still incorporating a clean and modern feel. 

Each set comes in a variety of colors like red, blue, or tortoise pattern, and of course natural wood, which effortlessly blends into any decor. In fact, you can check it out for yourself, as they were recently featured in the Wall Street Journal for their beautiful aesthetic that makes any holiday dinner look effortlessly cool.  

We suggest grabbing a set, which is composed of a soup spoon, dinner fork, salad fork, dinner knife, and teaspoon. It’s the ideal size for family gatherings, as well as day-to-day meals at home. Even better, these pieces are dishwasher safe up to 55° C / 131° F, making your holiday clean up even easier!

Keep the Centerpiece Simple

Your centerpiece doesn’t need to be prim and proper to have an aesthetic effect. Simple objects can actually have just as much of a modern and elevated feel as ornate ones. For example, you could try out a festive piece like a fresh pumpkin, seasonal plants or herbs, flowers with autumnal hues, or even feathers.

Try to mix and match textures and colors for the most eye-catching look. By using natural “found objects” you can easily create a casual look that still has a lot of personality.

Try a Rustic Look

If you’re looking to create a pastoral feel this year, try out rustic classics that are easy to find, like mason jars, earth toned linen napkins, small candles in glass jars, and wooden handled silverware. 

For an even more beautiful finishing touch, try tying each flatware set with a piece of twine and a beautiful herb like eucalyptus or lavender tucked behind. You can also pluck a feather or flower from your centerpiece, or even choose something different for each place setting for a more personalized feel. 

What to Look for in Sterling Silver Flatware

Silverware Toned image Shot added monochrome, contrast & vignetting for retro and more dramatic feeling.

A quality sterling silverware set can become a wonderful family heirloom and make a statement at holiday celebrations, but you want to be sure you stick to these expert tips before choosing to ensure it’s the best fit. 

Look for Silver Quantity

One of the first things you may notice on a silverware piece is the numbering. Sterling silver has a silver content of 92.5 percent and a 7.5 percent content of nickel and/or copper. Why? Completely pure silver items can actually be too soft and malleable, making it very easy to damage or even misshapen during use. By adding other metals to the mix the pieces can last for much longer, making them even more valuable. 

To see what number your silverware has, check for the stamp located on the stem or base of the item. If you see the word sterling, it may also mean that the product is made with this concentration of silver, copper, and nickel. 

If you still aren’t sure, because the pieces are antique or come from another country, ask an expert to help test the piece and determine its metal quantities. They will be able to perform an acid test to help determine the percentage of each metal in your pieces. 

Make Sure It’s Substantially Weighted

The weight of your pieces is also highly influential when calculating its overall value. If you have the opportunity, hold each piece in your hand and see how it feels. It should be only slightly heavy and very sturdy. 

Each utensil should balance elegantly in your hands as you use them. Imagine you are at a celebration with your loved ones, how would you feel eating soup, cutting meats, and grabbing bits of salad as you used these pieces? Avoid anything that feels hollow or overly weighted, as they will create an awkward feel while eating. 

Find a Pattern That Appeals to You

If you’re planning on keeping the set a long time, you want to choose something that appeals to your tastes. Many people may think of sterling silver sets as too traditional, but there are many modern and unique pattern options to really set your tableware apart. 

Also keep in mind your dishes and other decor elements so everything remains cohesive. The most popular choices are ornate, modern, baguette, and shell. Each has its variations to suit any home aesthetic! 

Choose a Reputable Designer/Manufacturer

If you want to ensure your set is of the highest quality, buy from the most trusted companies like Gorham, Christofle, Reed & Barton, Towle, and Wallace. Each of these enterprises have been in business for a long time and are recognized for their consistency and world-class materials. Their pieces will also come with a warranty in case you find any defaults or need repairs.

If you’re not sure where to start, you can begin by browsing at Silver Superstore. We have been silver experts since 1996 and regularly supply well-priced and high-quality pieces available in every pattern. 

Hampton Forge: Modern Minimalism Meets Silverware

Hampton Forge Skandia Birch Mirror Stainless Steel Flatware

Well-crafted flatware is designed to last a lifetime. Hampton Forge cutlery sets are a great example of the ideal purchase for any household that wants to bring elegance and modernity into their dining space, while investing in pieces that will stand the test of time. 

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Bring Italy to the Table with Sambonet

Sambonet has long been established as the premier Italian provider of silverware and flatware made of metals like silver, gold, and copper, and stainless steel. It has been the pinnacle of fine Italian silverware since 1856. As the industry has changed, so have the signature Sambonet styles on par with French flatware offerings. 

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All About Sabre: Bistro-Style Flatware with French Flair

Sabre is a collection of fine French flatware which is as versatile as they come. Since 1993, Sabre has been creating “elegant, colorful and playful” flatware out of Paris. A joy to set on any table, this flatware has been perfectly characterized in the description above. Despite Sabre’s fearless attitude to colors, fun designs and patterns, it retains a sense of elegance and class which will make any dinner table stand out from the crowd.

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New Year, New Silver: 4 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Silverware

Brand new silverware, forks and knives, on a green tablecloth.

With the holidays just wrapped up, you have a pretty good idea of the condition of your best cookware, flatware, silverware, china, and serveware. As long as those needs are fresh in your mind, it is a good time to consider what items in your kitchen and dining room need to be replaced this year.

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