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Choose American-Made Silverware for Memorial Day

On Memorial Day 2019, millions of Americans will turn their thoughts toward loved ones in uniform who have passed away. This day carries especially strong associations for families of U.S. service personnel who died while serving the nation. Across the United States, people share a day of love and remembrance on May 27 dedicated to these individuals.

Choose Liberty Tabletop for Your Memorial Day Occasion

People often gather for backyard picnics or barbecues on Memorial Day. In many places, these informal gatherings allow people to spend time outdoors enjoying the arrival of warmer weather while also sharing a spirit of community and patriotism. Some of these celebrations this year will add a unique, meaningful symbolic gesture: the use of high quality American-made silver flatware.

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A Closer Look At Fortessa

An In-Depth Look at Fortessa Flatware

If you’re looking for something especially classy, look no further than Fortessa flatware. You’ll find whimsical pieces, like fish forks, espresso spoons and even chopsticks, that competitors simply don’t offer. Another elegant touch is the punched Fortessa logo. Such luxury is more commonly found on high-end European flatware.

Many loyal customers had never heard of Fortessa, which is relatively new on the scene, until they inquired about the silverware in their favorite upscale restaurants.

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Many years from now, after you’re gone, the world will keep spinning and your family will keep evolving.  What if you could create an heirloom that could last through the generations?  Having custom engraving work done on your stainless steel or sterling products is one way to accomplish this.  Many flatware re sellers offer custom engraving services, but when it comes to the best customer service and prices, Silver Superstore stands above the rest.

Choosing A Product Tengraving-options1-300x222o Engrave

Silver Superstore offers many options when it comes to custom engraving on your stainless steel or sterling products.  You’ll be able to create an heirloom that is totally unique and able to be cherished for generations to come.

Silver Superstore gives its customer plenty of options when it comes to engravable product.  You’ll be able to choose from from items like brushes and combs, silver cups, baby gifts, flatware, and much more.  If you find a product on their website, most likely it will be marked as available for engraving, but if you have any questions about custom engraving work, don’t be afraid to ask!

The Custom Engraving Process

When it comes to the actual engraving, Silver Superstore offers a varied selection of typefaces to choose from.  They have many styles available, including script, monogram, cursive, and roman style lettering.   Silver Superstore is also able to do custom engraving work, including logos and flourishes.  For custom work, just give them a call, and a helpful representative will answer your questions about the engraving process.

Create Your Engraved Heirloom Today!

From great product options to a vast array of available fonts, Silver Superstore has everything you need to create an heirloom ready to be handed down through the generations.  They sometimes offer discounts for large orders, and provide quick, accurate service.  If you’re looking to create a legacy for your family to remember, remember the Silver Superstore!

Lenox Vintage Jewel – Flatware Review

Lenox Vintage Jewel – Flatware Review


Vintage Jewel Handle Detail

Vintage Jewel by Lenox is an great example of  finely crafted bead-border silverware.  It has a heavy weight, sturdy feel, and achieves a comfortable balance in the hand when in use.  Manufactured with 18/10 stainless steel, the metal has a shiny finish with raised beads running the perimeter of the handle.  The individual pieces are heavy, without feeling overbearing or cumbersome.  For first impressions, I was very pleased at the craftsmanship and appearance of Lenox Vintage Jewel.

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Gorham Studio – Flatware Review

The Gorham Studio Design

Studio 5pc Set by Gorham

Studio 5pc Set by Gorham

The Gorham’s Studio 5 piece stainless place setting is beautiful in design. The Studio pattern has smooth rounded handles that give a simple and very elegant look. I would consider the handle design to be modern, new age, and even artistic. For the price at the Studio flatware works well for everyday usage and is glamorous enough to show off to your dinner guests. The 18/10 stainless polished flatware catches the surrounding light which makes it shine to impress.

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