The 2019 Gorham Silver Snowflake & Collector’s Set

For fifty years, Gorham has been making the holidays a little merrier and brighter with the production of their annual silver snowflake Christmas ornament. Each year, Gorham fans eagerly await the roll out of the new snowflake to see how it differs from earlier designs.

Like nature’s snowflakes, no two ornaments are alike. Families collect each new ornament and eventually pass their treasured collections on to the next generation. For many, it would not be Christmas without a beautiful Gorham Silver Snowflake hanging from the branches of the family tree, perfectly reflecting its twinkling lights.

An Anniversary Special

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the creation of the Gorham silver snowflake, and the company is marking this important milestone with a special gift. For 2019, they are producing a 2-Piece Gorham Snowflake Collector’s Set that contains the 2019 Gorham Snowflake as well as a second commemorative ornament.

The commemorative piece features the original 1970 version on one side and the 2019 Gorham Snowflake on the other. These snowflakes are indicative of the quality craftsmanship that has made the company the largest, most respected producer of silver products in the world.

Gorham in American History

Since its founding in Rhode Island in 1931, Gorham has been a part of the fabric of American life. Originally producing silver thimbles, combs, and spoons, Gorham was tapped to produce all of the silver flatware sold at Tiffany’s in New York City, so the company relocated and remains in New York today.

As Gorham’s reputation for excellence spread, their clientele grew. Former presidents and their families are counted as some of their earliest fans. Mary Todd Lincoln, wife of President Abraham Lincoln, is known to have used Gorham flatware and a silver tea service while in the White House.

Julia Grant, wife of President Ulysses Grant, is also believed to have been a fan of Gorham, commissioning the company to produce an exquisite silver vase to commemorate the country’s one hundredth anniversary.

Recent presidents are also fans, including President George W. Bush and his family, who chose the Gorham Chantilly pattern for the silver flatware used on board Air Force One, the president’s personal plane. Of course, no White House Christmas would be complete without Gorham ornaments adding to the beauty of the holiday decor throughout the elegant mansion.

The sports world also values Gorham, with the organizers of the world’s most prestigious events presenting Gorham silver trophies to their champions. The Davis Cup for tennis, the America’s Cup for yachting, and the Indianapolis 500 Borg-Warner Trophy are all made by Gorham master craftsmen. This premiere company has been manufacturing quality silver pieces for presidents, champions, and families throughout America’s history.

A Special Gift for Collectors

The 2019 Gorham Silver Snowflake 2-Piece Collector’s Set is now available for purchase. Savvy shoppers know the snowflakes usually sell out well before December. Plus, it is never too early to shop for Christmas.

Gorham handles the snowflakes with love and care, safely tucking each one into a protective pouch before sending it to your home or place of business. Each snowflake comes with a beautiful gift box and a piece of red velvet ribbon for gift giving. The silver snowflakes also make wonderful wedding gifts for newlyweds hoping to begin their own holiday traditions. Moms will enjoy receiving these beautiful pieces on Mother’s Day as well.

The 2019 Gorham Silver Snowflake and 2019 Gorham Snowflake 2-Piece Collector’s Set are now available on