The Best Silver Wedding Gifts

The Best Silver Wedding Gifts

A wedding is one of the biggest celebrations and most memorable milestones in anyone’s life, which is why marriages are commemorated with special gifts from friends and family. Silver and silver-plated items are classic choices and are often passed down to future generations as treasured heirlooms. Personalizing these gifts with elegant engraving makes them even more distinctive and precious.

If you’re looking for something special to present to loved ones on their wedding day, consider these stunning, unique items from the Silver Superstore.

Toasting Flutes

True Love Toasting Flutes are the perfect gift for a wedding!

True Love Toasting Flutes

Toasting flutes can be used at the wedding when the champagne is poured and at any special occasion thereafter. Hand-washable and available in a variety of designs, these stunning flutes look beautiful on any formal table.

When choosing glassware, look for a style in line with the overall theme of the wedding. Long-stem flutes with flared bowls impart a modern feel. Rounded flutes reflect a traditional image, and flutes with flared lips add a unique look to the setup. Even the style of the foot, whether flat or curved, contributes to the beauty of the piece. Choose a combination with the right characteristics to commemorate the couple’s love.

Wedding Cake Knife Set

Ensure the cutting of the wedding cake goes smoothly by presenting the couple with a brand-new cake knife set. These sets come with a knife to slice that memorable first piece and a server to slide it effortlessly onto a plate. Each knife has a slight curve, adding elegance to functionality. Servers can be slim or wide with a rounded or pointed tip.

Choose from patterns ranging from plain sophistication to floral motifs with swirls, petals and climbing vines. A touch of color makes the beauty of the silver stand out even more. Giving a cake knife set provides the couple with a commemorative serving piece they can treasure for years and use whenever they wish to remember their special day.

Silverplate Bell

For a simple and elegant gift, you can’t go wrong with a silver-plated wedding bell. As just one of the many unique silver gifts available to choose from, a bell is an iconic image of weddings and will remind the couple of their young love as they celebrate anniversaries in the years to come.

Engraving is the perfect way to make a plain silver bell special. Have the couple’s first names or last name inscribed on the piece with the date of the wedding underneath to create a memento they’ll treasure forever. When presented with a colorful ribbon on top, this bell makes a beautiful Christmas tree ornament and can be used year after year to add a special touch to the holidays.


Candlesticks make attractive, practical gifts for any couple. Whether used at the wedding or as part of a table setting at parties and on holidays, silver and silver-plated candlesticks are an eye-catching addition to any dining arrangement.

Sulgrave Manor Cadlestick Holders

Sulgrave Manor Cadlestick Holders

Formal candlesticks can be found in a variety of multi-tiered designs. If the couple likes a classic look, go for something tall and elegant with minimal adornment. Modern or eclectic couples may appreciate a more distinctive set with shaper lines and concentric circles around the base.




Classic Flatware

Not long ago, silver flatware was a common wedding gift. Couples used the pieces they received to set the table when entertaining or celebrating special holidays. These elegant flatware sets are still available today in a variety of designs. From simple hostess sets to full place settings for up to 12 people, silver flatware is a timeless way to commemorate a very special marriage.

Presenting one of these gifts is a great way to honor a happy couple on their wedding day. Investing in genuine silver shows how much you appreciate the loved ones in your life and gives them something to bestow to their children or grandchildren at a future wedding.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to find the right silver or silver-plated gift when you shop the Silver Superstore. Look for items with personality and flair mirroring the style of love being displayed by the couple, and you’ll find the perfect match for the people you cherish most in life.