The History of the Champagne Wedding Toast

Weddings are packed full of traditions. But, you may not fully know what the reasoning is behind each of the common wedding activities. More specifically, the champagne toast has long been associated with weddings. But, where did this tradition of raising a glass of bubbly to honor the newlyweds originate? 

Continue reading below as we cover the history and cultural significance behind the champagne wedding toast, and how to incorporate this meaningful tradition into your own wedding. 

Where Did the Champagne Wedding Toast Originate?

To talk about where the champagne wedding toast originates from, we need to go back to 6th-century Greece. 

Just as wine is a very popular alcoholic beverage today, it also was at this time. But, to the Greeks during this era, drinking wine signified an appreciation to the gods for good health and well-being. Thus, it became commonplace in jovial times of celebrations like weddings. 

But, the word ‘toast’ wasn’t tacked onto this tradition until Shakespearean times hundreds of years later. During this time, people would put stale toast in the wine to eliminate some of the acidity and make it easier to drink. Champagne became the drink of choice for wedding toasts in the late 19th century as it became more affordable and accessible to the masses. 

As the years have passed, placing toast in the drink is no longer a common or necessary practice. However, the word ‘toast’ has inherently become a part of the tradition of raising a glass to the happy couple. Plus, people have used other beverage options besides champagne for this tradition, like Prosecco, or whatever drink the wedding guests are already imbibing in. 

Still ringing true to its Greek roots, the champagne wedding toast is a symbol for wishing the newly married couple a long lifetime of health and happiness. 

How to Nail This Centuries-Old Tradition at Your Wedding

If you decide to pop the bubbly following your wedding ceremony, there are plenty of ways to incorporate this beloved tradition into your reception. Again, you don’t necessarily need to toast with champagne to still get the same sentiment, and you can personalize this activity to make it meaningful for you and your guests. 

Select your drink of choice and decide whether you’re going to pass out flutes of the drink to your guests, or have everyone toast with their own beverages. Have someone in your family or wedding party be the toastmaster to initiate the toast and lead the rest of the guests in a “cheers” to the happy couple. It’s really that simple!

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