Throw a Holiday Party with Reed & Barton 1800

A dinner party is only as sophisticated as its flatware. A full set of matching cutlery creates an elegant atmosphere quicker than any smooth jazz playlist.

Choosing quality silverware

From the butter knives to the soup spoons, every piece of the Reed & Barton 1800 collection indicates excellent craftsmanship.

The fanned, fluted handles are graceful and subtle. Mirror-bright stainless steel shines atop your finest napkins. And at standard weight, all of the utensils will feel natural in your guests’ hands.

Every piece counts

The 1800 collection includes everything you need for a sumptuous holiday feast. It’s not just forks and spoons. Dip into your rich winter sauces and gravies with the gravy ladle. Its rounded teardrop shape was designed for optimum drizzling. Stir cups of cocoa with the smaller teaspoons. Use the large pierced spoon to serve savory vegetables.

The shell-shaped sugar spoon is perhaps the most beautiful member of the collection. And it’s not just for the sugar bowl. Put it on display–and put it to work–scooping cranberry sauce or jam.

You’ll need the salad fork, with its wide, curved tines, to grasp a tart winter salad packed with slices of apple and pecan.

From dinner to party

Now that you’ve set the table, it’s time to set the mood. Here are some ways to create a holiday ambiance.

WINTER WONDERLAND: Reed & Barton’s sparkling flatware complements an icy theme. Dress the table in a snowy white cloth. For the centerpiece, try a spray of tiny white flowers, like baby’s breath. Or forgo the flowers and set out artsy white winter branches.

MERRY AND BRIGHT: For a jollier setup, stow the tablecloth away in favor of bright red cloth place mats. The 1800 collection pops against the scarlet fabric. Arrange red ribbons or holly wreaths around cozy glass jar candles. Position them up and down the feast table.

RUGGED CHARM: If you can’t spend the holidays in a swanky ski lodge, bring the lodge to you. Drape a red buffalo check cloth over the table. Make a few woodsy centerpieces out of evergreen boughs and pine cones. Reed & Barton 1800 silverware adds a twinkle of après-ski luxury to the rustic decor.

However you set it, Reed & Barton’s 1800 collection has all the ingredients for a memorable holiday dinner. Expect the sleek stainless steel utensils to become a year-round favorite.