Top 5 Annual Christmas Ornaments for 2022

Many families have a tradition of providing a keepsake Christmas ornament for each child on their first Christmas, and typically every year after. Each year, top silver manufacturers like Gorham & Wallace release their annual ornaments, vying to take top place among your list for traditional Christmas ornaments on your 2022 Christmas tree. 

These beautiful silver ornaments are meant to be passed down through the generations. As each child moves on to their own home, they take their ornaments with them as their first decorations on their first Christmas tree. Then, when they begin families of their own, they can begin the cycle anew. Each silver Christmas ornament can be engraved with the name and year. 

The ornaments make beautiful gifts, arriving in a protective pouch within a beautiful gift box and velvet ribbon. Or you can give each person their ornament for the year by taping it’s string to the box of their larger present.

However you decide to present your ornaments this year, here is our top five annual Christmas ornaments for 2022.

2022 Gorham Snowflake (53rd Edition)

The Gorham Snowflake ornament is a beautiful way to commemorate each addition to the family. Each snowflake can be engraved with a name and year, either for births or to memorialize a marriage or adoption. Watch your tree grow with snowflakes year after year. This 53rd Edition comes with a red hanging ribbon that can also be engraved.

2022 Wallace Sleigh Bell (52nd Edition)

The Wallace Sleigh Bell sterling silver ornament is another way to honor members of your family or important events. If you simply want to mark the passing of another Christmas, the sleigh bell is a great way to do so. The ornament comes with the 2022 date engraved on the front, with a small space available for under the date or on the back of the ornament. 

2022 Wallace Candy Cane (42nd Edition)

The Wallace Gold Plated Candy Cane Christmas ornament is a limited edition that changes each year. The candy cane for 2022 features darling white doves on a field of red and green enameled stripes. There isn’t room for personalization on the candy cane itself, but it does come with the year engraved and you can opt to engrave the hanging ribbon as well. 

2022 Gorham Cross (9th Edition)

This year’s Gorham Cross is the 9th edition in a series of sterling silver crosses by Gorham. This cross is a beautiful addition to your Christmas tree, and it is stamped with “Gorham Sterling 2022” to distinguish it from the rest of your collection. This limited series of silver cross ornaments are a beautiful gift that can be passed down through the generations, gaining both sentimental and material value with the passing years.

2022 Gorham Annual Tree (6th Edition)

The Gorham Tree ornament is only in its 6th edition, so it is a good one to start with if you are decorating your first tree and want to commemorate the moment. The Christmas tree features garland weaving through sleighs, bells, bows, hats, and stockings. The year 2022 is engraved on the base. The back of the ornament can be engraved with a name if you wish, or you can have it embellished on the red hanging ribbon.